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Seminar Reviews

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

TIA 2017 Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition (39th Annual Conference)
Las Vegas, Nevada – April 5, 2017
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Fifteen attendees ----- 4 of which said they learned something they will be able to use at their job in the next 30 days!

“Several important items”
-- VP, Capacity Sourcing, ArcBest

“Will review with brokers”
-- President, Taylor Logistics

“As a broker, wording & policy lines will be changed & strengthened”
-- Agency Owner, Giltner Logistic Services Inc.

“Publish carrier selection criteria as a defense to ensure we follow our own procedures”
-- CIO, FLS Transportation Services


“Great class. Always learn something new. 3rd or 4th time taking the class”
-- Contract Compliance Manager, Peachtree Freight Logistics

“Love the manual”
-- Director Business Development, Gentle Giant Logistics

“Able to answer questions, keep group engaged and willing to provide more information after class.”
“Very good --- does a great job explaining concepts”
“Goes into more detail and gives more examples which is helpful”
“Full of valuable information”
-- Transportation Manager, WOW Logistics Co.

“Great. I think the course manual will be of use for years to come.”
-- Manager, Modern Business Service Systems

“I was hoping to learn new info about laws & norms & I am happy to say I did”
-- Agency Owner, Giltner Logistic Services Inc.

“I liked it. This is a refresher course for me; answered some questions.”
-- Logistics Operations Manager, Transport Logistics

“Lots of good info/subject matter”
-- President, Taylor Logistics

“Good overview --- covered enough to understand”
-- CIO, FLS Transportation Services

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc.’s 43rd Annual Conference
Henderson, Nevada – March 19, 2017
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Three attendees:

“Very good --- good experience --- answered our questions”
-- Logistics Supervisor, Newmont Mining Corp.

“Very informative”
-- Safety & Claims Director, RFX Global Companies

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by Blakeman Transportation, Inc.
Ft. Worth, TX – November 16, 2016
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eighteen attendees ----- 5 of which said they learned something they will be able to use at their job in the next 30 days!

“Several topics are applicable to my company, and a few items uncovered exposure we may have --- very helpful”
-- VP, Capacity Management, ABF Logistics

“I will discuss with employees the coercion regulations”
-- Strategic Transportation Manager, KapStone Paper

“To check if we do not allow “tariffs” in our carrier contracts”
-- Director-Sales Operations, FLS Transportation Services LTD

“Clarification on coercion rules”
-- Vice President, ARPCO Transport Services

“Explanation of freight forwarder was very helpful”
-- Logistics Analyst, Bel Brands USA


“Just when I think I understand at least a good portion of it, I realize that I don’t”
-- Claims Specialist, Perimeter Global Logistics

“Very Informative”
-- Strategic Sourcing Analyst, Lennox International Inc.

“Both [the seminar and the manual] will help as a checklist that contracts and insurance are in good order”.
-- Strategic Transportation Manager, KapStone Paper

“Good – enjoyed this session”
-- VP Logistics, Universal Logistics Holdings, Inc.

“Manual is a terrific tool. Seminar wasn’t as interactive as I hoped. Instructor was excellent though”
-- Logistics Coordinator, Paragon Films

“Good review. Would be great for more medium to advanced”
-- Claims Manager, FLS Transportation Services LTD

“Very good; heavy in content”
-- Director-Sales Operations, FLS Transportation Services LTD

“Very informative and broad coverage of industry regulations”
-- Vice President, ARPCO Transport Services

“Pretty decent. Geared more towards shippers. Not as helpful for carriers”
“Love that it [the PowerPoint] was printed w/room to take notes as you follow along”
-- Claims Manager, Universal Logistics Holdings, Inc.

“It was helpful, however, a little over my head”
-- Logistics Analyst, Bel Brands USA

-- President, Freight Management Group

“Liked that I could write notes on each slide”
-- Contracts Manager, DAT Solutions LLC

“It seems very informational”
-- Logistics Manager, Dillard’s Inc.

-- Unsigned Critique

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by Tranzact Technologies, Inc.
Elmhurst, IL – October 26, 2016
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Twenty-one attendees ----- fourteen of which said they learned something they will be able to use at their job in the next 30 days!

“Enjoyable --- good information”
-- Supervisor Traffic, BAE Systems

“Course Manual very helpful with practical resources”
“Appreciated insight of presenter & historical content of discussion points”
-- Senior Corporate Counsel, HUB Group

“Very well put together --- easy to follow”
“Excellent review and update”
-- Director, Cargo Claims, HUB Group

“I learned a lot of updated transportation law & code; educational tool appropriate”
-- Logistics Procurement Manager, Clariant Corp.

“Good educational tool. Some information seemed outdated.”
“Enjoyed reviewing court decisions”
-- Director of Logistics Procurement, Clariant Corp.

“Very good. Useful information. I appreciate the handouts for future reference.”
-- Senior Analyst, Supply Chain, Ralph Lauren

“Good information and great take home resources”
“Course Manual and seminar were very useful tools. I can apply to what I need to perform my job. Also, broadened my knowledge about transportation law”
-- Logistics Manager, Herbalife International of America

“Excellent training material --- all 3 days have been a great learning experience”
-- Logistics Manager, Ulta, Inc.

-- Director Sourcing, Penske Logistics

“Very useful information”
-- Deputy General Counsel, Great West Casualty Company

“Positive. I learned a lot”
-- Director of Compliance, HUB Group

“Good --- allows for notes on data provided”
-- Logistics Manager, Viskase

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for Parcel Shippers

Parcel Forum
Grapevine, TX – September 12, 2016
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Twenty-three attendees ----- five of which said they learned something they will be able to use at their job in the next 30 days!

“Most knowledgeable course I have taken”
“The course book will be a valuable reference”
-- Logistics Supervisor, Gopher Sport

“This seminar and the course manual is a great educational tool”
“It’s well designed and good input”
-- Supply Chain, American Proficiency Institute

“This is great, especially the Appendix”
“Very good --- I like the open forum; we were able to ask many questions”
-- VP of Operations, DCL Logistics

“Great, would attend more of the same topic”
-- Corporate Counsel, Sanmar Corporation

“This seminar keeps me up to date on the current transportation contract laws”
-- Contract Manager, Sanmar Corporation

“Very good, quick reference material; underlies the importance of carrier contracts”
“Right level of depth and review of key concepts”
-- Director of Transportation, VWR International LLC

“Very good”
-- Director VWR Transportation, VWR International LLC

-- Program Socialist, CMOP, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

-- Managing Director, Brightstone Insurance

“This is my first class on transportation law. I would like more real life examples of issue reviewed”
-- Unsigned Critique

“First seminar on subject. Interesting, but needed more examples to understand. Wanted more on parcel claims”
-- Unsigned Critique

“Very informative”
-- Unsigned Critique

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Seminar
Eden Prairie, MN - July 21-22, 2016
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Six attendees:

“Very good information of which seemingly many in the transportation industry are unaware”
“Excellent knowledge of transportation law --- always educational to listen to Mr. Primus”
-- Manager Supply Chain Planning, Smead

“Very beneficial; included a great deal of information in a useful presentation”
“This was my first seminar on the subject and I thought it was very well done”
-- Business Development Manager, One Beacon Insurance

“Presenter knowledgeable & great at relating to real world”
“Day 2 gives great practical guidelines to use immediately. Day 1 got you thinking long-term & helped to understand laws”
“Hits home with need to review contracts to remove interpretation of law”
-- Finance Manager, StoneArch Logistics, LLC

“Good information; cleared up some things I did not understand”
-- Claims Manager, Genco

“A lot of good general information”
-- Compliance, Apex Logistics Group

-- Head Janitor/Custodial, Thompson Logistics, LLC

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council’s 42nd Annual Conference
Albuquerque, NM – May 1, 2016
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eight attendees:

“Speaker did a great job; provided a balance of lecture and discussion”
“A lot of information in a clear way”
-- Senior Commercial Analyst, Roehl Transport

“Great materials – easy to understand & relate to my work”
-- Global Compliance Manager, Colony Brands, Inc.

“Very good – I needed a good base understanding”
“Very helpful to my day to day job!”
-- Corporate Paralegal, Maplehurst Bakeries, LLC

“A little slow start, but very good examples which helped to illustrate the points”
-- Claims Manager, Genco

“Better” than other educational programs
-- Assistant Manager Traffic, Chicken of the Sea

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

FOCUS on Loss and Damage Claims AND Contracts for 3PLs
2016 TIA Capital Ideas Conference & Exposition
San Antonio, TX – April 6, 2016
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Twenty attendees:

“Very good; great PowerPoints”
“Every time I come, you scare me! But you force me to become more aware of compliance & commitment with carriers & shippers”
Did you learn anything that you will be able to use at your job in the next 30 days?
“Review our contracts with reference to tariffs in LTL vs. private negotiations with carriers, including insurance coverage”.
-- Chief Operating Officer, Multi Trans Inc.

Did you learn anything that you will be able to use at your job in the next 30 days?
“Rework our Contracts, Confirmations & BOL’s”
-- Office Manager, Thunderbird Logistics

“Reinforced what I already know, yet delivered tons of info I was unaware of.”
“I am tasked with reviewing contracts & managing high value cargo claims. I have learned so much!”
-- Director of Risk Management, Trinity Logistics Inc.,

“Very detailed”
-- Contract Compliance Manager, Peachtree Freight Logistics

“A great experience”
“This is one of the first [seminars on this subject] I have attended and it was full of powerful information”
-- General Manager, Jacob Logistics Corp.

“The course manual seems like a well-formatted and very useful reference tool”
“The presentation of course materials and additional reference materials adds value to the seminar (which is already very well executed). Better than other seminars I’ve attended.”
-- Freight Auditor, Veritiv Corp.

“Very useful”
-- Director of Truckload Services, Wisconsin International Services Logistics Inc.

“Course manual was very helpful, great references”
“My contract (carrier) template will be updated”
-- Attorney, FLS Transportation Services Inc.

“Very helpful”
-- Reckart Logistics Inc.

“Learned some good stuff”
“I made a list of checks that I will make sure we are in compliance with”
-- Operations Manager, Transport Logistics Inc.

“Very informative”
-- Attorney

“Very informative”
-- Assistant Operations Manager, ITG Transportation Services Inc.

-- Controller, DMTB

“It is very helpful to be able to use for later reference (manual); very informative”
“In some instances, [this seminar] is much more detail-oriented”
-- Senior Manager of Compliance, Echo Global Logistics

“Very informative; good info for new folks and experienced folks”
“This [seminar] was more interactive with the audience. Most of these types of seminars are usually pretty blah; thought you added a little more life into the topic”
-- Manager of Process and Systems, U.S. Xpress Logistics

“Very educational; good material to follow-up”
“I’m in the start phase of a logistics company. All the material was highly necessary”
-- Unsigned Critique

“Content is dry, so not much you can do about that. Supporting manual is useful. Still informative.”
-- Unsigned Critique

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by Blakeman Transportation, Inc.
Ft. Worth, TX – October 28, 2015
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

18 attendees:

“Smart and likeable!”; “Excellent, very useful”
-- Law Program Director and Lecturer, California State University Maritime Academy

“Overall content was good; it always helps to see how laws or rules put in place [relate to] real life situations.”
-- Underwriter, Berkley Fire & Marine

“It has been very useful”
-- Attorney, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP

“I think that it links the majority of principles together in a way that makes them easily understood"
“It was a good mixture of high-level and point-focused instruction, which I haven’t gotten in the past."
-- Logistics Specialist III, MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.

“The Manual is very useful by being inclusive of the presentation, legal authorities, and sample documents.”
-- Attorney, BNSF Railway Co.

“Great, will put to use immediately”
-- General Manager, Trinity Logistics Group, Inc.

“More practical” than other similar educational programs
-- Group Logistics Manager, Ryder Logistics

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by Tranzact Technologies, Inc.
Elmhurst, IL – September 30, 2015
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

14 attendees:

“In a word: Excellent. Mr. Primus is not only quite knowledgeable, but great at explaining the concepts involved, and involving the examples included in the course manual.”
-- Claims/OS&D Manager

“Very good. Brent was a great instructor.”
-- Group Manager Transportation, Nestle Purina Petcare

“Well organized and instructional”
-- Freight Compliance Analyst, Blue Line Foodservice Distribution

“Good for getting the information you need to legally battle claims, disputes, etc."
-- Buyer, Peddinghaus Corporation

“Very good educational tool to learn about some important aspects that are often overlooked in transportation”
“This course gives a big picture view of all the topics”
-- Transportation Coordinator, Bunge North America

“A lot of very useful information presented in a concise, easy to follow format”
-- Freight Auditor, Veritiv Corp.

“Very good content”
-- Sr. Manager of Compliance, Echo Global Logistics

“Very good. It is a great refresher on all the laws and updates”
-- Associate Buyer/Planner, Milestone AV Technologies Da-Lite Screen

“Good material”
-- Senior Manager, Maverick Express, Inc.

“Lots of information, very helpful, and easy to use & follow”
-- General Manager, BAT Logistics

“Very informative”
“Better than other programs”
-- Logistics Project Manager, Lorin Industries

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Seminar
Eden Prairie, MN - July 23-24, 2015
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Fifteen attendees:

“Exactly what I needed and expected, great information”
“I learned many things that I will be able to start using on Monday when I return to the office. Thank you.”
-- Compliance Supervisor, U.S. Xpress Logistics

“This has a lot of good information for everyone to hear”
-- Director of Safety & Compliance, Reliant Transportation Inc.

“Very informative”
“I realized I didn’t know nearly what I thought I did.”
-- Vice President, Commodity Transportation Services, LLC

“Presenter has a wealth of knowledge from his years of experience in the industry. I enjoyed hearing historical perspective”.
-- Contracts Paralegal, Swift Logistics, LLC

“Instructor is very knowledgeable. Course manual is going to be very useful in my work”.
-- Claims Team Lead, Total Quality Logistics

“Excellent presentation & info. This type of practical info & overview of knowledge is very helpful.”
-- Attorney, First Law Group

“Positive, I would recommend it. It really helped that we were TIA CTB.”
-- President, Reliant Transportation Inc.

“It was very informative; I’m not in the legal department but I understand important facts to avoid future problems”.
-- National Sales Director, Porteo Group LLC

“Good information – can take back to my local law firm”
-- Compliance, Kam-Way Transportation, Inc.

-- General Manager, Commodity Transportation Services, LLC

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Seminar
Rutherford, NJ – May 14-15, 2015
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eleven attendees:

“The seminar was very informative and the manual will be a great and useful reference tool in the future.”
-- Director of Traffic, Greatwide Truckload Management, LLC

“Very informative”
-- Logistics Analyst, Continental Tire

“Provides good detail and great broad ‘Big Picture’ understanding”
-- Corporate Counsel, ArcBest Corporation

“Very positive”
-- Vice President – Legal Corporate Counsel, TTS, LLC

“It reaffirmed and clarified the law/regulations”
-- Risk Manager Corporate Sales, GTO 2000 Inc.

“Good; Always useful”
-- General Manager of Transportation, Barrett Distribution Centers

“Provides good information”
-- Insurance Broker, Warwick Resource

“Very helpful; will continue to read and put into everyday use”
-- OPS Support Manager, Genpro, Inc.

“This was a very good course that covered many of the current topics in transportation.”
-- Director of Operations, Genpro, Inc.

“Good overview of business & inherent risks”
-- Genpro, Inc.

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

TIA 2015 Great Ideas Conference & Exhibition
Orlando, FL – April 15, 2015
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Fourteen attendees:

“This was the most educational seminar that I’ve attended! Brent [the presenter] was very thorough in his explanations.”
-- Business Development, Grizella --- SaferWatch --- PostEverywhere

“Seminar was very enlightening and manual will be used as reference material”
-- Capacity Manager, Wagner Logistics, Inc.

“Useful information”
-- Customer Relations Manager, ITG Transportation Services, Inc.

“Very informative”
-- Vendor Compliance, ITG Transportation Services, Inc.

“Excellent! Very informative”
-- Brokerage Manager; Sales & Marketing, Steelman Transportation

“A lot of information”
-- Accounting Manager, ITG Transportation Services, Inc.

“Very good & thorough”
-- Director of Legal & Business Affairs, M W Logistics, LLC

-- Unsigned Critique

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council’s 41st Annual Conference
Orlando, FL – March 22, 2015
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Fourteen attendees:

The presenter was “Very knowledgeable; presented material very well”
The handbook is “Very good; easy to use”
-- Legal Counsel and US Customs Broker, Dalko Resources, Inc.

“He [the presenter] covered all info I needed to know at this time”
The presenter was “Very informational. 10”
“I would recommend to take class”
-- Accounting Manager, Taylor Distributing

The presenter was “Excellent”
The handbook is “Good”
-- Claims Manager, Perimeter Global Logistics

“I feel that it covered a very good, wide range of stuff; I don’t know if you could add more.”
“He [the presenter] does a good job. He is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff.”
The handbook is “Good”
-- Material Handler, Brigham Young University

The presenter was “Very good and experienced. Loved how he used some of his experiences to tie together some concepts. He made great use of the Appendix & Statutes Sections.”
-- Logistics Analyst, Medtronic

The presenter was “Excellent”
The handbook is “Excellent”
-- Logistics Analyst, Medtronic

“It’s good”
-- President, REO Distribution

-- Licensed Paralegal TCRC Freight Legal Services

The presenter was “Very knowledgeable; kept a good pace”
The handbook is “Great! Probably will suggest to others.”
-- Supply Chain Specialist, Rio Tinto

“Very good”
-- Sr. Manager Risk Services, BNSF Logistics LLC

-- Assistant Director, National Elite Transportation

The presenter was “Very knowledgeable and thorough”
The handbook is “Very informative”
-- Unsigned Critique

The seminar “Had a lot of good content”
The presenter was “Very good & knowledgeable”
-- Unsigned Critique

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by Blakeman Transportation, Inc.
Ft. Worth, TX – November 19, 2014
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eighteen attendees:

“I am going to save on legal expenses because of this class”
"No fluff, very concise"
-- Manager – Claims, CRST International, Inc.

“I thought this was so very helpful! I have enjoyed the class & want to take another class.”
“Most informative, detailed”
-- Claims Specialist, DCAS, Inc.

“Have gone before when taught by Mr. Augello --- still a vital program; great for new folks to the industry and good updates, you can never hear these laws enough.”
-- UP Business Solutions, Advanced Shipping Technologies

“Very useful and insightful”
-- Freight Management Specialist – Nordson Corporation

“Awesome. Course material is very helpful”
-- Logistics Team Leader, Bell Carter Foods, Inc.

“Course manual is good; seminar got off track multiple times.”
-- Supply Chain Manager, Blair Rubber Company

-- Import Analyst, Supreme Foods International

“Very Good”
-- Claims Manager & Supply Chain Analyst, LMS Logistics

“Good seminar. Course manual will be a great help.”
“Very Knowledgeable”
-- Claims Administrator, Kroger Transportation Center

“The manual is a great resource. The history discussed in the lecture was very helpful for someone who doesn’t go back too far in this industry."
"This was very informative"
-- Deputy General Counsel, Forward Air, Inc.

“It is informative and good information”
-- Transportation Manager, The Kroger Co.

-- Unsigned Critique

“In some respects it was a little basic. Would have preferred to skip the first 10 slides or so. However, there is helpful reference material for training commercial teams and passing along information to legal dept.”
-- Unsigned Critique

-- Counsel, Purolator International

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by Tranzact Technologies, Inc.
Elmhurst, IL – October 22, 2014
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Twenty attendees:

“Great information, very thorough”
"This [seminar] is much more in depth & relevant” [than similar seminars]
-- Director - Carrier Development, FAC Food Service Logistics

“Good seminar, and the manual will be a good resource for reference”
-- Manager - Regulation Compliance, Purolator International Inc.

“Positive & interested in learning more”
“Good, knowledgeable presenter”
-- National Transportation & Dispatch Manager, Purolator International Inc.

“Very good information”
-- Transportation Manager, Sun-Maid Growers of California

“Very informative/Great networking opportunities”
-- Manager/Support Services, TBB Global Logistics, Inc.

“Very informative. PowerPoint easy to follow”
-- Team Leader/Claims Manager, Trek Freight Services, LLC

“Very informative, good content. Would be good material for a “first timer or a “seasoned pro”
-- Logistics/Project Manager, Trans International LLC

“Strong educational information”
-- Asset Growth and Protection, A.M. Transport Services, Inc.

“Very informative”
-- OS&D/Claims Specialist, Arrow Stream, Inc.

“Course material is very good”
"I am pushing my company to send all of our claim team for education"
-- Transportation Account Coordinator, American Hotel Register Co.

“Very informative. I liked the case study references.”
-- Client Service Rep., TranzAct Technologies Inc.

“Very good introduction to the subject matter”
-- Attorney, Caterpillar Inc.

-- Manager – Cargo Claims, Hub Group Inc.

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Seminar
Hosted by Con-Way Multimodal, Inc.
Portland, OR – September 11-12, 2014
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Seven attendees:

“Overall, I thought it was very helpful and instructional on the basis of what a 3PL would care about. I was very happy with the overall breadth and depth of the workshop.”
-- Senior General Attorney, BNSF Logistics, LLC

“Good general information on carrier/broker/shipper liability, and established law/procedures that should be considered in establishing a risk strategy”
-- Director of Operations, UPS Capital Corporation

“The seminar is very educational and has enough reference material that will be useful in the near future”
"It’s a good refresher of data with comical spin having Brent’s personality presenting"
-- Operations Manager, Con-Way Multimodal, Inc.

“Very educational & interesting!”
"I enjoyed the ‘war stories’. It might be nice to throw in a few more if time."
-- Senior Counsel, Con-Way Multimodal, Inc.

“This was a great introduction”
-- Cargo Claims Manager, Menlo Logistics

[I was] “only present for cargo claims portion, which was awesome”
"Many examples of real live incidents"
-- Claims Examiner, Menlo Logistics

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Seminar
Hosted by RJ Ahmann Company
Eden Prairie, MN – July 24-25, 2014
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eight attendees:

“I really like the current info”
-- Paralegal, C.H. Robinson Worldwide

-- Carrier Compliance, Flagship Logistics Group

“The manual will be a good reference material”
-- General Manager, Logistics Planning Services

“Very good; learned a lot”
-- Sr. Counsel, C.H. Robinson Worldwide

“Helpful and good content; much more pertinent to brokers [than other seminars]”
-- Paralegal, C.H. Robinson Worldwide

“Very Good”
-- Partner, Reeves Mc Ewing, LLP

“Good information”
-- Paralegal, C.H. Robinson Worldwide

“It was very good”
-- Quality and Claims Coordinator, A & R Transport, Inc.

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

TIA 2014 Great Ideas Conference & Exposition
Tucson, AZ – April 9, 2014
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Ten attendees:

“Very informational and practical information with interesting historical context and real world examples”
-- Associate Attorney, Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP

“Very Good”
-- Vice President, Avalon

“Very informative, particularly, having handy references for US Code and CFR”
-- Government Affairs Manager, Transportation Intermediaries Association

“The seminar was good but short; the course manual is a good quick reference”
-- Compliance Supervisor, The ILS Company

“Very Informative”
This seminar was “very comparable - lot of information - more than most sessions”
-- Sr. Manager Carrier Services & Development, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.

“Very Good!”
-- Operations Manager, ARI Logistics LLC

“Very educational”
This seminar was “more educational - professional - related to your business”
-- Director of Carrier Support & Operations Services, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.

“Very good but could’ve been longer”
-- Unsigned Critique

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council’s 40th Annual Conference
Nashville, TN – March 16, 2014
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eight attendees:

Did the seminar meet your objectives?

“The seminar delivered very well on the objectives set out in the course description”
-- Attorney/Senior Category Manager, Rent-A-Center, Inc.

“Excellent seminar”
-- Attorney, The Home Depot

“Looking for legal context and that was provided”
-- Manager Transportation, Daimler Trucks North America

“More info regarding law (trans)”
-- Claims Manager, Old Dominion Freight Line

How would you rate the instructor Brent Wm. Primus?

“Excellent; He delivered a clear presentation and was very knowledgeable of the subject matter”
-- Attorney/Senior Category Manager, Rent-A-Center, Inc.

“Excellent; fantastic information; very informative and helpful”
-- Attorney, The Home Depot

“Knowledgeable; good sense of humor”
-- Manager Transportation, Daimler Trucks North America

“Very knowledgeable about the law of the industry”
-- Logistics Coordinator, Bostik Inc.

“Good! Very knowledgeable”
-- Claims Manager, Old Dominion Freight Line

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by Tranzact Technologies
Elmhurst, IL – November 20, 2013
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eight attendees:

“Excellent course and text”
-- Purchasing Manager, Schneider Logistics

“Good information to reaffirm our current knowledge & processing”
-- Director Strategic Operations, Coyote Logistics, LLC

“Great education tool”
-- Manager Logistics Service, Taylor Logistics Co.

“Very educational; like the book for reference”
-- Accounting Manager & Manager of Carrier Services, Taylor Logistics

“Very good introductory course”
-- Staff Attorney, Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc.

“Very good --- user friendly”
-- Compliance, Quad Graphics

“Seminar was very informative.”
“was knowledgeable and applicable”
-- Logistics Coordinator, Brady Corporation

“Great overview; touches on many good topics; provides good resources.”
-- Logistics Analyst, Oshkosh Corp.

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by Blakeman Transportation, Inc.
Ft. Worth, TX – October 23, 2013
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eleven attendees:

“Very Powerful!”
-- Corporate Logistics Manager, Paragon Films Inc.

“I recently participated in Brent’s course in “Transportation, Logistics and the Law”. It was awesome and I learned so much. Most of the participants were lawyers and I could see their eyes open as they struggled with some of it. I’m just a lowly Logistics Manager and I felt good to see that I knew some of this and struggled right along with legal professionals. Please thank Brent again for me.”
-- Manager, Transportation & Logistics, Covanta Energy

“The seminar exceeded my expectations. Your presentation of the historical background of the numerous, patchwork statutes helped me put the law into context. Thank you!”
-- Attorney, Henry, Oddo, Austin & Fletcher, P.C.

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for Parcel Shippers

Parcel Forum
Chicago, IL – October 7, 2013
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eleven attendees:

“Educational; positive”
This seminar is “superior” to other educational programs on the same subject.
-- Corporate Transportation Specialist, IDEXX

“The text and the seminar cover quite a bit of information. I learned quite a bit and have many things to take back home and examine my company operations with.”
“There are many ways [the text] will help protect my company”
-- Logistics Manager, United Radio

“The class was very informational and the speaker was very knowledgeable & interesting”
“The speaker did a good job”
-- Logistics Manager, Scholastic, Inc.

“It was informative and gave a good general overview of the transportation laws. It was at a good level for my needs.”
-- Business Analyst, Lean Logistics/CHEP

“Very good”
“I liked the case law examples and verdicts”
-- Product Manager, Lean Logistics/CHEP

“Great text; good intro to help guide self-discovery”
-- Director Global Network Operations, Pitney Bowes

“Good, got me thinking”
“A lot of information”
-- International Analyst, Afons

“Very educational”
-- Logistics Manager, Scholastic, Inc.

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Seminar
Hosted by RJ Ahmann Company
Eden Prairie, MN - June 13-14, 2013
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Twelve attendees:

“A worthwhile class; would definitely suggest to others”
“Well condensed; covered a lot of info without being overbearing”
-- Procurement Manager, Menlo Worldwide Logistics

“Very educational – like that it’s interactive”
-- Claims Manager, C.H. Robinson Inc.

“Positive, this was exactly what I was expecting”
-- Carrier Relations Manager, Logistics Planning Services

“Very thorough; a lot of information; I am looking forward to going through the information & learning more”
“I really liked the handouts to make notes & use of the book during the class”
-- Office Administrator, GW Transportation Services Inc.

“Well worth the time”
“A good mix of knowledge & examples”
-- Procurement Manager, Menlo Worldwide Logistics

“I took away several nuggets of wisdom – I really found the content to be interesting”
-- Unsigned Critique

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Seminar
Hosted by Con-Way Multimodal
Frisco, TX – May 15-16, 2013
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eight attendees:

“Positive & eye opening; will serve as a good resource”
“I believe the material & presenter are the first to explain issues with great detail”
-- Director of Operations, Tandem Logistics

“Very informative and relevant”
“I have searched the web numerous times for this information – great to have it all together in the text”
-- Director Freight Operations, Worldwide Express

“Text is great. Has been my Bible for 7 years”
“Seminar was fantastic and well organized”
-- EVP & General Counsel, D&L Transport, LLC

“Great, as always!”
-- Claims Specialist, Bear Transportation Services, L.P.

“I thought the seminar was very helpful and informative”
-- Freight Operations, Worldwide Express

-- Claims Specialist, Bear Transportation Services, L.P.

“Very informational & informative; would recommend it to others”
-- Senior Operations Manager, Con-Way Multimodal

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association 35th Annual Convention & Trade Show
Las Vegas, NV – April 10, 2013
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Twenty nine attendees:

“Excellent. We plan to send more of our people.”
-- President, Advance Business Capital

“It is a very important seminar”
-- President, Tanzania Freight Forwarders Association

“Satisfied with the presentation & material; very good seminar”
[The textbook] “is our Bible”.
-- Operations Manager, The ILS Company

The seminar presentation was a “great way to show the detail in the book”
[The seminar was] “Great!”
-- Claims Representative, Bear Transportation Services, L.P.

“The speaker is knowledgeable, but explains in simple language”
-- COO, Multi Trans, Inc.

“Not at all boring as one would think; very interesting”
-- Logistics Analyst II, IGT

“Text and handouts are great educational tools. I will be adding the textbook to my library of transportation books.”
-- Traffic Supervisor, IGT

“Examples were great”
-- Vice President – Sales Marketing, Advance Business Capital

“Great refresher…I have a small company & I am really responsible for these types of day to day incidents that come up, so [the textbook] will help me as a reference guide!”
-- President, Carrier Services, Inc.

“Very informative and reinstated a lot that I had already read”
-- Risk Manager, R2 Logistics Inc.

“It was very informative. The information provided will help us to reduce our liability.”
-- Operations Manager, RGL

“Presentation was well organized & presented”
-- Unsigned Critique

“Very informative; answered lots of questions”
-- Logistics Manager, Transport Logistics Inc.

[The textbook is a] “Teaching tool for employees & a great reference guide”
-- President, Thompson Logistics, LLC

“I review B/C spreadsheets on a daily basis, so review of the textbook will be required”
-- Assistant Underwrite, Beazley

“Very good material”
-- Vice President - Finance, TA Services, Inc.

“Very useful information; Great presentation”
-- Managing Director, Swan Transportation Services, Ltd.

“Great seminar; very informative”
-- Operations Manager, Swan Transportation Services, Ltd.

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by TranzAct Technologies, Inc.
Elmhurst, IL – November 7, 2012
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Twenty attendees:

“Brent is a book of knowledge in itself. All the tools provided have been fantastic.” In comparison to other seminars, this seminar is “on a level that anyone can understand and stay focused.”
-- Shipment Control Center, TranzAct Technologies, Inc.

“A lot of good information that everyone in the business should know”
-- Sales Manager, Guided Logistics

“Very pleased”
The text “will be a great resource”
-- Bemis

The seminar presentation was a “great way to show the detail in the book”
-- Transportation Manager, The Kroger Company

-- Sourcing Manager, Syncreon

“The text is amazing, very happy to have gotten it.”
“I really enjoyed the seminar; lots of information, but worth the ride”
-- Claims Specialist, Traffic Tech

“Good summary discussion of transportation law issues”
-- Corporate Attorney, Arkansas Best Corporation

“I feel that questions I have had for some time have been answered & am really pleased with the textbook and handouts”
-- Traffic/Sr. Claims, J.R. Simplot Company

This seminar is “better in scope & presentation” than similar educational seminars.
“It was wonderful that the PowerPoint handout actually was legible and followed the slides”
-- OS&D Claims, The Kroger Company

“I thought it was very good, I really appreciated Brent’s delivery”
“Material was & is excellent”
-- Manager, The Kroger Company

“Very well done and thorough”
-- Unsigned critique

“Very informative”
-- Sourcing Manager, Syncreon

“Very knowledgeable”
-- Claims Analyst, Syncreon

“The book appears very helpful; seminar was good; lots to think about and learn”
-- Sr. Supervisor Logistics Administration, MasterBrand Cabinets

-- Corporate Counsel

“Very good reference”
-- Transportation Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for Parcel Shippers

Parcel Forum
Rosemont, IL – October 23, 2012
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Twelve attendees:

“One of the best” educational seminars I have taken. “I would recommend it to everyone.”
-- Director, Newegg Inc.

“Very deep; important content”
-- Unsigned critique

“Excellent information, but a lot to pack into 1 day; kept the day moving along quickly”
-- Americas Logistics Manager, Brady Corp.

“Very informative”
-- Vice President of Global Transportation & Logistics, Ascena Retail Group

“This class was good, a ton of great information; the book provides a great tool”
-- Director of Inbound Transportation, True Value

“Very good; very detailed”
-- Transportation Analyst, Airgas

“Great overview; came out with a list of questions/thoughts to carry back with me.”
-- Transportation Manager, US Cellular

This educational seminar was “Excellent”
-- Unsigned critique

“Great information and resource tool”
-- Amway

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by Blakeman Transportation, Inc.
Ft. Worth, TX – October 17, 2012
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eight attendees:

“Outstanding, real world examples and text will serve as resource to future”
The seminar and text “exceeded expectations”
-- Director Operations, Con-Way Multimodal

This seminar “exceeds” other educational programs on the same subject
-- Associate General Counsel, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

“Must have for logistics professionals”
-- Unsigned critique

“Wonderful resource”
-- Director, Satellite Logistics

“Very good”
This seminar was “one of the best” educational programs I have taken on the same subject
-- Director Carrier Services, BNSF Logistics, LLC

“Great tools”
-- Director, Supply Chain Operations, True Manufacturing

-- Traffic Manager, True Manufacturing

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Seminar
Hosted by Integro Insurance Brokers
New York, NY – October 4-5, 2012
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Five attendees:

“We were pleased to be able to host this seminar for the 2nd year in a row. I have taken the course myself in the past and attended the new additional half-day course covering loss and damage. This additional day provided attendees with a very interactive Q&A session that led to a group discussion on claim scenarios as well as common claim experiences. As usual, Brent Primus provided solid instruction and guidance that the attendees will be able to utilize in the future.”
-- Philip DiChiara, Integro Insurance Brokers

“Very informative presentation”
“Very broad seminar; was very beneficial!”
-- Associate, Integro Insurance Brokers

“Very informative; I really enjoyed the class and found a lot of points interesting.”
-- Assistant Risk Manager, H&M Bay, Inc.

“Good information; I will utilize the book regularly”
-- Director of Strategic Operations, Coyote Logistics, LLC

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Seminar
Hosted by Con-Way Multimodal, Inc.
Portland, OR – September 13-14, 2012
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Fourteen attendees:

“Very enlightening, clarified my understanding in a number of areas. Glad to have the book as a reference.”
-- Vice President of Operations, Johanson Transportation Service

“The seminar was very good overall. I would recommend this to any transportation professional.”
“The text will serve as an important reference manual for our business.”
-- Vice President of Transportation Services, TranSure Express

“Very good.”
[In comparison to other education seminars, this seminar] “was better because of historical perspective.”
-- Manager/Owner, Brock, LLC

"Very educational. I enjoyed having a professional explain in detail and with patience important topics. Thank you."
“Compared to seminars with other attorneys, I would say this seminar surpassed any.”
“Thank you for explaining “hot” areas.
-- Carrier Relations Manager, Johanson Transportation Service

“Very good”
-- Manager, Brock, LLC

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council
and Transportation Loss Prevention & Security Association 38th Annual Conference
Orlando, FL – April 22, 2012
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Sixteen attendees:

The instructor “is very knowledgeable and really enjoys his work”
“Very good book”
-- Freight Claims Analyst, Phillips 66 Company

The instructor is “very knowledgeable, great examples”
The text is “Great”
-- Unsigned critique

The instructor is a “good speaker, well prepared”
The text is “very useful”
The “PowerPoint included references to the textbook which was helpful”
-- Senior Paralegal Specialist, Genentech, Inc.

The instructor is “very good”
-- Customer Support Supervisor, TransCore

“Book appears to be a good text”
-- Unsigned critique

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association 34th Annual Convention & Trade Show
San Antonio, TX – March 21, 2012
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Twenty-three attendees:

“Awesome – I will continue to use the text for learning”
“I thought it was great! Learned a lot!”
-- COO, Victory Transportation Systems Inc.

“Very informative – learned some “key” wording that we need to change”
-- Broker, Victory Transportation Systems Inc.

“Valuable; Very useful info”
-- General Manager, Mountaineer Industries, LLC

“Very informative – knew some material – but gained lots of knowledge”
-- Vice President/Owner, All Types Transportation Services Inc.

“This was very informative. I think the book and seminar can offer up a lot of avenues that had not been looked at from our organization.”
-- Broker, Central Oregon Truck Company

“I think the text is fantastic and the presentation added to the value of an already great resource.”
“It [the text] provides shippers/brokers/carriers with a lawyer’s reference and lawyers with a transportation reference”
-- General Counsel, Pro Star Logistics

“Good overview”
The subject is “a niche area and the professor knows his subject”
-- Underwriter, Beazley Syndicate

“Excellent, covered some air and ocean info that was not of interest to me”
-- Vice President/Owner, DRT Transportation

“Good information and resources”
-- President/Owner, Stett Transportation, Inc.

“Very good – great text”
-- Manager – Safety & Compliance, CN Supply Chain Solutions.

“Very informative”
-- Managing Partner, Kinetic Supply-Chain Services, LLC

“Very helpful foundation for any broker/claim professional”
-- Claims Specialist, Bear Transportation Services, L.P.

“Topics covered were very useful”
-- Field Operations Man, Pariso Logistics, Inc

“Very informative”
-- Director of Operations, Kinetic Supply-Chain Services, LLC

-- Director of Business Development, Valley Management Group

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Seminar
Hosted by Bob Walters & Freight Management, Inc.
Anaheim, CA – January 23-24, 2012
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Seven attendees:

“I found the seminar to be very insightful and will use the text everyday as a reference in dealing with claims and various situations.”
-- Director of Compliance, Load Delivered Logistics

“It is an excellent seminar and the text is a great reference for all types of freight related situations.”
[The text] “Is a great reference for a plethora of freight related matters.”
-- VP Operations, Freight Management, Inc.

“Excellent, although I wish I had time to look through the text before the seminar so that I am more familiar with the content and organization.”
“I will use the text for contracts, claims, etc.”
-- Director of Finance, Economics and Operational Analysis, CaseStack, Inc.

“Very informative, learned a lot”
“Really liked the handouts as well”
-- Customer Service Manager, Freight Management, Inc.

“Excellent introduction”
-- Safety, Compliance & Claims, Megatrux, Inc.

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by Blakeman Transportation, Inc.
Ft. Worth, TX – November 9, 2011
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Ten attendees:

"The text “Has pointed out many questions that I’m going to get with our corporate company”
"Brent knows his topic and does a fine job of explaining it”
-- Shipping/Warehouse Manager, Pradco

“The text is very comprehensive”
“Brent is very informative, easy to listen to and knowledgeable”
-- Unsigned critique

The text is “Excellent”
The instructor is “Fantastic”
-- Contract Administration, Horizon Lines

The instructor is “Excellent”
-- Director, IGT

The text “Seems to be a very informative book”
The instructor is “Very informative and knowledgeable”
-- Unsigned critique

The instructor is “Very good”
-- Claims Supervisor, Farmers Insurance

The instructor is “Excellent” -- Unsigned critique

The text and instructor are “Excellent”
-- In-house Counsel, Intercon Carriers, LC

The text is “Super”
The instructor is “Very informative, good course”
-- Unsigned critique

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by TranzAct Technologies, Inc.
Elmhurst, IL – October 19, 2011
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Fourteen attendees:

“Very interesting seminar with outstanding content and practical "how to" tips on some very important topics such as writing solid transportation contracts.”
-- Mike Regan, TranzAct Technologies, Inc.

“Thank you! Great class!”
The text is a “Great reference for shippers and carriers”
“Excellent instructor – should & could spend an entire quarter on this subject”
“Excellent course!! Should be attended by anyone in logistics”
-- Quality Transportation Manager, UPM

The text is “Very good, would like to have an on-line reference possibly”
-- Business Spt. Manager, Transfreight, LLC

The text is “Fantastic”
The instructor is “Great, really knows the industry”
-- Unsigned critique

The text is “Excellent”
The instructor is “Very knowledgeable, nice fellow”
-- Unsigned critique

The text is “Very informative and easy to follow”
“Brent is very knowledgeable and was able to easily explain his message”
-- Claims Prevention & Management, C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.

The text is “Very good”
The instructor has a “Good, strong knowledge of the topics”
-- Claims Prevention & Management, C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.

The text is “Excellent – there is a ton of information in this book”
The instructor is “Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable in the field of logistics - which is a very hard field”
-- Traffic Technician, Rockwell Automation

The text is “A great tool”
The instructor is “Interesting – Engaging”
-- Director of Operations, American Transport Group

The text “Fits well with the session”
The instructor is “Very informative and knowledgeable”
-- Unsigned critique

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Summer Seminar
Hosted by Bob Walters & Freight Management, Inc.
Anaheim, CA – August 8-9, 2011
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eight attendees:

“We were happy to host the event this week in Anaheim and were pleased to see how engaged and committed the attendees were to the program and learning about legal ramifications. All seemed to benefit from the program and were upbeat about the information learned.”
-- Bob Walters, President, Freight Management, Inc.

“It was Freight Management’s pleasure to host the “Transportation, Logistics and the Law for 3PLs” on August 8th and 9th. The course covered the laws and regulations which affect today’s supply chain and was well received by all attendees. The information presented was informative and helpful to everyday situations. FMI would be delighted to host future events.”
-- Kim Runkle, Freight Management, Inc.

“Very positive, useful and applicable”
“Excellent presentation”
[This educational program] “was one of the best”
-- Vice President/Business Development, Qualcomm

[The text is an] “excellent tool”
-- President, 1a intermodal

“It was amazingly good”
-- Unsigned critique form

“Informative; learned some important topics of industry”
-- General Manager, Cargo Cargo

“Excellent text and basic info on law”
“Good summary on contract liability”
-- Unsigned critique form

"There is a lot to cover, but helpful; the book seems very helpful”
“There were a lot of items that will apply to our business”
-- Director of Operations, Con-Way Multimodal

“Very informative; lots of information”
-- Claims and Collections, White Arrow, Inc.

“Very useful intro to the text”
-- Operations Manager, Pathfinder Logistics, Inc.

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association 33rd Annual Convention & Trade Show
Orlando, FL – April 6, 2011
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eighteen attendees:

“This was an excellent seminar”
-- Transportation Manager, Western Freight Management

“Good info – broad based & helpful” -- Unsigned critique

“Very helpful and informative” -- Regional Operations Manager, Western Freight Management

“Great for a general overview - specific for 3PL and Broker interests” -- Unsigned critique

“I found it informative & useful. I would like to see a more in depth seminar/forum regarding the text.” -- Risk Manager, Mike’s Loading Service, Inc..

[I would recommend this seminar to] “Anyone concerned with minimizing risk should attempt to understand all facets.” -- Owner, Western Trans Logistics

“As a finance professional new to the brokerage aspect of the supply chain, this [seminar] was a very helpful session.” -- VP of Finance, Greatwide Logistics Services

“Very educational – thorough”-- Unsigned critique

“Very informative, broad range of topics”-- General Manager of Operations, Recon Logistics

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council
and Transportation Loss Prevention & Security Association 37th Annual Conference
St. Louis, MO - April 3, 2011
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Ten attendees:

“Excellent overview and resource materials; [The text and the instructor] are “excellent” -- Attorney, Capitol Law Group

[The instructor] was “Excellent – very detailed” -- Unsigned critique

“I look forward to reading [the text] in more detail and having it at hand as a useful resource”; [The instructor was] “very good – articulates the material well” --Paralegal, Caterpillar, Inc.

“Pleased with content and text to use as a reference tool in future application” -- Unsigned critique

“Very informative”--Unsigned critique

“Very good instructor, knowledgeable in his field”; [The text] “will be a great resource for future application”-- Manager of Freight Claims Compliance, CSX Transportation

“Good; A lot of detail to cover in short timeframe”-- Unsigned critique

[The instructor] was “Good”-- Corporate Transportation Manager, Maplehurst Bakeries

[The text] is heavy, but thorough; [The instructor was] “Excellent” -- Unsigned critique

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Winter Seminar
Hosted by Integro Insurance Brokers
New York, NY – February 11, 2011
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Seven attendees:

“In a word “fantastic!”
-- VP Operations, TTS, LLC

“Expectations were met; A lot of materials for a 1 day seminar” -- Logistics Manager, Hankook Tire America Corp.

“Great overview for risk management [in transportation]”-- CEO, Laser Transit LTD.

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Winter Seminar
Hosted by R. J. Ahmann
Eden Prairie, MN – January 28, 2011
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Three attendees:

“Great; very helpful review; very satisfied”
-- Commercial Counsel, C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.

“Good” -- Vice President, Hanson Transportation Management Services LLC

“[The] seminar is a good introduction & I look forward to reading more of the book” -- Unsigned critique form

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by UniPro Foodservice, Inc.
Atlanta, GA – November 17, 2010
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Eight attendees:

“Excellent; Will be able to use text on a regular basis”
-- Manager, US Carrier Relations, McCormick & Company, Inc.

“Very good – I use the text daily; [I] would like a more focused seminar as well, but the overview was a good refresher course.” -- Customer Contracts Analyst, U.S. Xpress, Inc.

“Great content” -- Logistics Manager, Plumbing & HVAC/R, Cerro Flow Products, Inc.

“I found [the seminar] to be informative and interesting” -- Logistics Contract Coordinator, The TJX Companies

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC) Fall Seminar
Hosted by Blakeman Transportation
Fort Worth, TX – November 3, 2010
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

Seven attendees:

“Excellent” “It appears to have all the current information a shipper will need” “The handout PowerPoint is fantastic. I love the layout” -- Transportation & Logistics Manager, Earle M. Jorgensen Company

“Great presentation and answers to questions” [The] “Text is a great resource for statutes and documents all in one place” “Speaker (Mr. Primus) was very knowledgeable on all subjects presented” -- Unsigned critique form

“Great; Good, comprehensive overview” “Materials are excellent” -- Senior Counsel, Flint Hills Resources

“Very good and informative” -- Manager of Corporate Transportation/Customs Compliance, New York Air Brake

“Excellent” [The text is the] “Best Source of Information” -- Unsigned critique form

“Great seminar!” “Great text – very informative and a great reference guide” -- Logistics Coordinator, RoyOMartin

“Excellent” -- Logistics Coordinator, RoyOMartin

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for Parcel Shippers

Parcel Forum
Rosemont, IL – October 4, 2010
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

“Good educational tool” -- Logistics Manager, Carhartt, Inc.

“Very valuable information” -- Unsigned critique form

“Very informative, text will be of great value” -- Logistics Business Analyst, Carhartt, Inc.

“The lecture is perfect for freight newbies and the text is good for the more experienced” -- Unsigned critique form

“The text is awesome and we will use it as a reference. Typically I have a lot of difference resources to get answers and this book gives me one resource for all my concerns.” -- Program Manager Logistics Distribution, Abbott

“Excellent – The references to laws and regulations are good” -- Traffic Manager, Department of Veterans Affairs

“Reference book is a good tool, will use it to research” -- Consultant, Self-Employed

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council
and Transportation Loss Prevention & Security Association 36th Annual Conference
San Diego, CA – April 18, 2010
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

[The seminar] “is definitely a necessity for people new to the field” -- Senior Logistics Planner, Sony Electronics

“Having [the] text as a reference and explanation is helpful, but you get the true understanding from the seminar” Corporate Logistics Coordinator, RoyOMartin

“Good seminar, and informative text” -- Senior Logistics Planner, Sony Electronics

“I always enjoy understanding the background and getting clarity on legal cases” -- Claims Department, One Stop Logistics

[The] “text is extremely valuable. The course is very well presented” [The seminar is] “Exceptional” -- Senior Manager of Logistics Services, Sony Electronics

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for 3PLs

Transportation Intermediaries Association 32nd Annual Convention & Trade Show
Tucson, AZ – April 7, 2010
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

[The seminar was] “very good for a newcomer to the industry” -- VP Operations, Bounce Logistics, Inc.

“Very educational” -- General Manager, BedRock Freight Brokerage, LP

“A lot of info to cover in one 8 hour day.....[Brent] “covered the ones considered important in the industry” -- Operations Manager of Logistics, Marten Transport

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” in the United States Today

Hosted by Kelron Logistics
Toronto, Canada – February 25, 2010
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

“I find both [the] seminar information & text very informative and will use both for a long time to come educating my staff” -- LG Electronics Canada Inc.

“The book seems to be very complete” -- Kelron Logistics

“[The] text will be very helpful and informative”
“Brent’s examples helped explain the regulations” -- CSX Transportation

“Most helpful in my day to day functions” Kelron Logistics

“Very informative”
“Brent is very knowledgeable” -- Smucker Foods

“Excellent” -- Kelron Logistics

“Very informative for my daily process, and assists in knowledge in specific applications” -- Kelron Logistics

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law” for Parcel Shippers

Parcel Forum
Rosemont, Illinois – October 5, 2009
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

“This was a great course. I did not expect to receive the book – thanks!” -- Department of VA

“Very good” Ansaldo STS-USA

“Excellent” --

“Very good and informative. Great value.” -- Trans-Solutions

“Very good – I think this will be a great reference tool” -- Nordstrom

“Excellent. Good content that directly impacts my job” -- EMC Corporation

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation Intermediaries Association 31st Annual Convention & Trade Show
San Antonio, TX - April 1, 2009
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

“As a newcomer, I found this [seminar] very interesting” -- Multi Trans Inc.

“Enjoyed seminar – informative, instructive; look forward to requesting book”
“Better than previous experiences; greater detail & thoroughness”
-- Transport Logistics Inc.

“Very positive – gave me a good, general introduction in using the book” -- Bring Logistics US, Inc.

“A lot of information in a short amount of time”
“More comprehensive”
-- Anchor Freight LLC

“Very well put together”
“Very easy to understand”
-- Unsigned critique form

“Great program; very informative; presented logically; good overview”
“Higher educational level”
-- Freight Lanes International Inc.

“Very informative for amount of time area covered; good information”
“This seminar was more informative” [than similar ones]
-- Taylor Logistics, Inc.

“Very good” - Unsigned critique form

“Very informative and useful” -- Fednav Direct

“A lot of information and a great start to understand where to access the more detailed facts I will need” “Exceeded” [my expectations] -- Trinet Transportation Inc.

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council and Transportation Loss Prevention & Security Association 35th Annual Conference
St. Louis, MO - March 22, 2009
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

“I am looking forward to diving into the text” -- Unsigned critique form

[The seminar] “Answered specific questions with examples that reflect day-to-day working life” -- Vantix Logistics

“Excellent course – very informative” -- Trinity Transport

“Very educational and I recommend this course to anyone” -- Vantix Logistics

“Very good; lots of information; very thorough” -- Kelron Logistics

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

(A Special Presentation for the Parcel Industry)
Parcel Forum
Rosemont, IL - October 6, 2008
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

“Excellent, will use [the text] daily”
“Very well – good overview of many subjects”
-- TTX Company

“Informative and necessary” -- Unsigned critique form

“I like how the presentation is tied to the text, very helpful” -- Blue Package Delivery

“Better [than other seminars] because of presenter’s experience with industry and practical issues”
-- Department of Veteran Affairs

“The session was very helpful. It helped me understand all the legal aspects that I – as a claims manager – have to take into account to process and settle claims.” -- Panalpina, Inc.

“The text will make a very good reference tool for our company”
“Presentation gives good foundation for text used”
-- Blue Package Delivery

“The text and notes will assist our transportation manager and be a company resource”
[The PowerPoint was] “Very helpful, as well as handout with [the text] page numbers”
-- Blue Package Delivery

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law”

Transportation & Logistics Council and Transportation Loss Prevention & Security Association 34th Annual Conference
San Diego, CA - April 20, 2008
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

“Very good education; first time in taking this course”
“Covers more in depth details than freight claims course”
“The text will be an excellent source & reference”
“I appreciate the PowerPoint, very useful to add notes due to the amount of coverage in course”
-- Mars, Inc.

“Good introduction to how to use the text” -- Tyson Foods

“Very helpful” -- Unsigned critique form

“Good education & you always learn something new”
“Covers more details [than other courses I have attended]”
-- Mars, Inc.

“Great way to learn how to use the textbook in a practical way. Love the post-its!” -- Panalpina, Inc.

“I didn’t realize that a second edition was published. The seminar was excellent to review and expand on my existing knowledge” -- Hub Group

Cherry Hill, NJ - October 22, 2007

Hosted by Subaru of America
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

“A lot to cover; very informative”
“Very good”
“Good presentation; covered what I expected; text is very useful”
“The class was very informative and illustrated examples.”

Eden Prairie, MN - October 4, 2007

Hosted by CH Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

“A lot of information; appreciate the references to specific pages and cases for future use & recall”
“I am looking forward to studying the text at my leisure; seminar was very informative”
"Very good; this program fit the course description and the importance to have contracts in place for ALL shipments!”
“Very valuable”
“Learning how to use/reference text [will be] very helpful”
“It was very informative & covered a ton of information”
“Very comprehensive & thorough [compared to other educational programs]”
“[The text] has a ton of helpful references all in one place”.

Elk Grove Village, IL - September 27, 2007

Hosted by Avalon Risk Management, Inc.
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

“Very well done and written”
“Both [the seminar and text] are very helpful and cover the main transportation operations”
“I have taken other transportation courses, but this is the only one that has covered the law”
“Seminar – good throughout; text – I will refer to it very often”
“Seminar was well presented and informative”
“Very informidable, a must need in transportation departments”
“I learned a lot more than usual & was given extra information to help later research”
“Well done”
“Very informative”
“It has been a wealth of information and simplified, and many subjects covered”
“Very good”
“Outstanding tool”

Knoxville, Tennessee - June 15, 2007

Hosted by Alcoa Materials Management, Inc.
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.

"Very informative - I feel the textbook will be very helpful. I like the “movie”. It was a great way to make your point.”
“Maybe should be held over 2 days”
“A lot of information to digest, but good examples on how to cut through!”
“Better, more interesting [than similar seminars I have attended in the past]”
“I have attended many similar seminars & this had the best flowing text. Knowing Brent is still working on the PowerPoint it will even improve.”
“Better than any on same subject matter”
“Well done. Good pace.”
“Actually, you made it interesting [compared to other seminars on similar subject].”
“Text seems very structured & inclusive, not sure how you improve this subject. I liked the real life examples you shared.”
“Good overview of the requirements of shippers as well as the risks. The textbook will serve as a valuable tool.”
“Realization there is a lot I didn’t know – glad to have reference book and understand how to use it.”
“The text appears to be very useful & well laid out. The seminar could have been 1 ½ days vs. the 1 day – a lot to cover.”
“Have attended Bill’s conference & this was comparable.”

Elk Grove Village, Illinois - November 1, 2006

Hosted by Avalon Risk Management, Inc.
Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D

"Priceless. It will save our company a tremendous amount of money”.
“The best available”.
“Lots of good information which can relate to daily operations”
“Very good. Lot’s of detail”
“Tremendous amount of information”
“Very good. Broad range of topics covered. The text seems an excellent starting point for research.”
“Excellent. Very well written text and well presented material”.
“Good material and well presented. Brent kept the class moving ahead and attentive. Good participation by class”
“Very informative, good speaker, good presentation! Text is easy to follow and lay’s it out in verbiage that is understandable”.
“This is my 1st seminar with Transportation, Logistics and the Law and I found it much more interesting than other seminars dealing with transportation. Very informative seminar.”

Atlanta, Georgia - September 22, 2006

Presented by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D

"I gained more knowledge from this session than the law course in college".
"Excellent Text".
"This is very good seminar".
"Far better than most".
"Lots of good information. The book is a great resource".
"An excellent educational experience and would highly recommend".
"Very informative text is very easy to read and understand".
"Very comprehensive, lots of topics covered. The text appears to be valuable tool to have on shelf".
"Lots of meat on this one, good tool to learn how to do better job in future on legal issues".
"Continue to evolve the seminar based on Brent's style".
"It is very informative".
"It is a great introduction to the topics and the text is a great resource".
"Very helpful, very good material".
"Very interesting. Lots of information to learn, will use book a lot and look forward to using it in the future".
"Very good, exceeded my expectations".
"The seminar was a very useful tool which will be carrier back to our office for future use".
"Lecturer was very knowledgeable of all information".
"The seminar provided an overview of both the book and basic principles. I should be able to reference the book for info to aid in making my decisions".
"Very valuable info presented and ultimately (I hope) digested. Text is excellent".
"A Lot of really useful information, very impressed with the text and look forward to using it".
"Extremely knowledgeable and beneficial".

Reactions of the Attendees at Mr. Augello's Spring 2006 Seminars:

San Antonio, TX - April 2, 2006
(Sponsored by the Transportation & Logistics Council)

"This was outstanding! An excellent, practical and educational value. Good refresher course." -- Nikhil Sathe, Kelron Logistics

"Superior - very informative." -- Robert Braubouef, AAA Cooper Transportation

"Great! This 'hits the nail on the head' - Lots of references and information. Very good PowerPoint, which was of much help." -- Clark Van Orman, Sysco

"This is the most informative tool available to transportation management." -- Peter Wyszynski, Boars Head Provisions

"Enjoyed it - great points." -- Mike Woodruff, Artisan Associates

"Seminar was much more informative and interesting than expected. Mr. Augello did a very good job at keeping you interested and involved." -- Michael Volosin, Sony Electronics

"Excellent instruction - wish I could take it in a 3-day class." -- Jeff Freeman, Sony Electronics

"Very educational." -- Barbara Cafasso, Master Foods, USA

"Very good reference and information to keep track of." -- Janet Skoglund, Volvo Logistics

"It was a wonderful course. I learned a lot of new information." -- Dana A. Vidal, Transplace Texas LP

"Excellent combination of citations, interpretation and practical application."-- Pamela B. Johnston, Transplace Texas, LP

"Very good base, excellent examples, wonderful refresher. Thank you for writing this book." -- Lucinda Dennis, Kelron Logistics

"It was an excellent overview of legal practice regarding logistics. The best I have been to." -- Price Onken, Labatt Food Service

"Needs to be 3-days long. Offer a seminar class via e-learning, and call me when you do." -- Michelle Dickson, John Deere

"Positive." -- James Decker, Schering-Plough

Tucson, AZ - 4/5/06: What Every Third Party Must Know About the Law

(Sponsored by the Transportation Intermediaries Association)

"Eye-opening - addressed issues that are real, current and important to my business." -- Darlene Henke, Audit Logistics

"This seminar is invaluable and extremely empowering." -- Michelle Lockwood, Audit Logistics

"Excellent seminar. I have been in the brokerage business for 25 years. The information I received at this seminar will prepare my company to head into the next 25 years." -- Henry L. Newby, H.L.N. Services, Ltd.

"The education was outstanding. I learned more today than in the past ten years in the field." -- Gene Fleetwood, Forrest Transportation Service

"Great tool! Your seminar is a 'must attend' for all brokers, shippers and carriers." -- Matt Ziegler, Transport Logistics, Inc.

"Very impressed/overwhelmed with the information obtained. The book will be a great resource in my local office." -- Jaki Ferenz, Avalon Risk Management

"Excellent learning tool for protecting our company in the future." -- Chari Buchanan-Walker, Skyline Brokerage Service, Inc.

"Textbook is a useful tool. Speaker has a depth of knowledge." -- Sinara Pereira, Sterling Transportation, Inc.

"Excellent throughout. I learned enough to get motivated to make some changes - important ones!" -- John E. Nieuwhenhuis, Van's Delivery Service, Inc.

"Seminar was very informative. The book has lots to take in. Will be a useful tool." -- Ruby Gimnick, Avalon Risk Management

"A Must!" -- Michael Kroul, K.T.I., Inc.

"Above average. Nice presentation. Very knowledgeable." -- Bob Imhof, ALG Worldwide

"Great; informative; timely." -- Alex Gizzi, JBS Logistics, Inc.

"I liked the open forum of questions and answers during the afternoon session." -- John Soos, Essa Logistics, LLC

"Extremely helpful in updating me regarding the law." -- Timothy K. Pague, Kamble Company

"Excellent. Great seminar. I learned about many risks and tools that I did not know about." -- Jason Johnson, D & H, LLC

"It was a great tool." -- Tina Coble Dubois, Coble Enterprises, Inc.

"Very informational and necessary. Excellent." -- Larry Johanson, Amanda Johanson and Jerry Beckstead, Johanson Transportation Service

"Excellent seminar and text. Brought out many issues to stay on top of, and the text provides the references." -- Jeff Wanamaker, Pathfinder Logistics, Inc.

"Very educational. Good seminar and text. Understandable." -- Joe Larson, Advantage Transport, Inc.

"Very informative." -- Al Liberatore, K.T.I. Logistics, LLC

"Very good." -- Linal Shumate, Fairrington Transportation

"Very good." -- Spencer C. Fullen, Fullen Transportation Services

Reactions of the Attendees at Mr. Augello's 2005 Seminars:

Atlanta, GA - November 30, 2005

"Incredible - I thought I knew a lot when I got here, but this really opened my eyes!" -- Chris Terrell, Americold

"Very good. Lots of information to digest." -- Lowell Blackham, Senior Counsel, International Paper

"The presenter's 50 years of litigation tidbits brought life to the textbook." -- L.M. Mc Cauley, Pres., Max Distribution

"Excellent! More helpful than any other single source I've found." -- Candace Sheridan, Counsel, Cineregy Services, Inc.

"Excellent information presented in a professional yet informal manner! Bill's stories were pertinent as well as charming!" -- Melinda Nutt, Claim Coordinator, Georgia- Pacific

"Information was presented and explained in a very understandable manner." -- William Wilson, CSTM, Alcoa, Inc.

"Very informative - really enjoyed the 'war stories'." -- Dianna Whitby, H & M Bay

"Great. I like to learn more about transportation law, so this was a great way to get it started." -- Ivan Sears, Dir. Operations, Exel, Inc.

"Great. Very helpful. Makes it easier to answer difficult questions." -- Debra Ford, Ops. Mgr., Bluelinx Corp.

"This seminar was by far the best of its kind." -- Carman Gooden, Corp. Transp. Mgr., Mohawk Industries, Inc.

"Every transportation professional should attend this seminar." -- John Vasta, Trans. Pricing Analyst, Georgia - Pacific

"Very informative. I am impressed with what I was able to learn in just an 8-hour class." -- Holly Rowe, Logistics Mgr., Sony

"Very informational. The longer I am in the transportation industry, the more I have to learn." -- Donald Greene, ABX Logistics (USA) Inc.

"Good Seminar. Text contains a wealth of knowledge." -- Keith Gardner, Operations Mgr., MMI/Valor International

"Great wealth of knowledge" -- Barbara Cafasso, Claims Coordinator, Masterfoods USA/Mars, Inc.

"Very informative. Text is easy to follow and look-up information you need. User friendly!" -- Jennifer Wade, Ops. Mgr., Bluelinx Corp.

"Excellent. Far superior to other educational programs." -- Dennis Gagliano, T.M., Webster Industries

"Very informative, with a lot of useful day-to-day uses." -- Kelly Johnson, General Freight Services, Inc.

"A great resource that I will continue to use as well as share with constituents." -- Melvin Lynch, Transp. Coordinator, TSI Logistics

"So much information! Really should be at least a two day course." -- Melzie Wilson, AVP, Mallory Alexander Int'l. Logistics

"Eye opening - very instructive. Far better than any related seminar I have attended. The presentation wasexcellent." -- John Donegan, Contract Mgr., CMC Steel Group

"Extremely helpful - Very informative." -- Yoon Kyeng Jung, Associate Mgr., Contract Services, CMC Steel Group

"This seminar has 'wet my whistle' to learn all I can about transportation law." -- Howard Carlmark, Nat'l. Freight Mgr., SFG Inc.

"Very informative. Bill's knowledge of this subject keeps you focused and interested." -- Angie Anderson, Lowes Companies, Inc.

"Very good. Lots of real life examples." -- Tammy Lynn Mead, Ops. Mgr., Bluelinx Corp.

" Mr. Augello really knows his stuff and the text will be very, very helpful every day at work." -- Dianne Reem, Freight Claim Analyst, Americold Logistics

"Very informative." -- David Regulski, Op. Mgr., Choptank Transport

Elk Grove Village, IL - October 6, 2005

"Awesome, interesting, informative, good examples (cases) given. I loved the stories" -- (unidentified)

"I was overwhelmed by the amount of new information that I came away with." -- (unidentified)

"Very informative and practical. Good mix of legal text and real life issues." -- Keith Larsen, Attorney, McGrath North

"Great program as usual. Your regular seminars will be missed." -- Brian Kiel, Admin. Mgr., Nestle

"Great/Very informative. Excellent in comparison with other programs." -- Phil Rudolf, TM, Sony

"This seminar should be required for all transportation professionals. Far better than others." -- Bob Falvey, VP, Falvey Cargo Underwriters

"A great foundation in Logistics. This seminar was better all others; more in depth; more organized." -- Blake Troutman, Mc Cain Foods

"Your experience in the ever changing transportation and logistics industry is Impressive and very helpful. The power point handout was very helpful." -- Matt Kraken, Dir. Sales, Freight Watch, Inc.

"Very good. Very knowledgeable speaker." -- Nicole Harrington, Subrogation Mgr., Avalon Risk Management

"I found it very informative." -- Eric Mc Gee, Contract Analyst, Alcoa

"This seminar and text will be very helpful as a resource in my job." -- Christy Mc Daniel, Transportation Specialist, Pfizer

"Comprehensive. Should be required of anyone in operations, sales, dispatch, etc." -- Randall Hurr, Exec. VP, MMI-Valor

"Very informative. A tremendous amount of information." -- Alan Amati, Attorney, Motorola

Tucson, AZ - September 19, 2005

"Above average plus. Very informative, objective and pertinent to my business model as a broker. An educational plus for the TIA professional who wants to be a market leader." -- Michael George, VP, Dynasty Transportation, Inc.

"Best source of education that I have found as of yet." -- Jay Thompson, VP, Thompson Transportation

"Extremely informative seminar - enlightened important issues facing transportation intermediaries." -- Tamara Goorevitz, Esq., Principal, Franklin & Prokopik

"Excellent source of information that is vital to our industry and our business." -- Marc Meskin, Pres., Diversified Transportation Services

"This seminar was extremely helpful to me with regards to my present position. Other programs never seem to go into the depth that I was looking for. I would strongly suggest that all logistics personnel take this course as it will be tremendously useful." -- James J. Capusso, Mgr. Logistics, Avon Products, Inc.

"Finally, a Seminar with substance. It was interesting, educational and challenging. A 'must attend' for anyone working with claims. No comparison with any other course. This is far above others." -- Nancy Bell, Claims Specialist, Gambro

"First course on legal issues re 3rd parties. Found it to be very informative and an excellent source for future reference. -- Tom Naso, Dir. Intermodal, Union Pacific Distribution Services

"Found out that I need to learn a lot more, but did learn a lot." -- Mark Platt, Pres., Platt & Associates

"Very concise text - presented well." -- Michael Brezinski, Pres. Pinnacle Freight Systems

"This text and seminar explain how much claimants have to learn - they have no idea! It was more interesting than other courses because of the discussion of actual cases. They make the seminar more meaningful." -- Tom Sanfillipo, Pres.,Triplet Transport

"Educating and most enlightening. A terrific tool for all transportation modes." -- Terri McPherson, VP, Megatrux

"Very educational. It was great to be able to follow the lecture with the hard copy of the PowerPoint presentation." -- Lucy Schubert, VP, Timberline Freight Services, Inc.

"It was very informative, but slightly frightening." -- Deann Saac, Carrier Resources, Allen Lund Co.

"Great information and directional" -- Jack Thompson, CEO, Thompson Transportation.

"Very good - Always learning something new!" -- Fran Norton, Mgr. Logistics Resourses, American Standard

"Great resource. Lots of information for one day." -- John Miller, VP, Providence Transportation

"Exceptional - understandable to all involved. Book will be used often." -- Brian Stone, Pres., Strategic Transport Inc.

"Very informative, helpful and educating on topics I thought I had some knowledge, but did not." -- Mike Riccio, VP, Leonards Express

"Very good."
-- Carl Johnson, Pres., Pac West Transport
-- Peter Dockalek, VP, PBB Global Logistics
-- Keith Gereghty, VP, TransDynamics, Inc.

Cherry Hill, NJ - May 20, 2005

"Thoroughly satisfied and startled! Far surpasses my previous sources of educational programs." -- Peter Nappi, Jr. , ANA Transportation

"Very enlightening. Enjoyed it and learned an extreme amount of information to help me do my job." -- Florence Rancitelli, Rockwell Transportation Services, Inc.

"Very good. Good Speaker." -- Cheryl Kalix, Rockwell Transportation Services, Inc.

"Excellent. Very good broad overview." -- Bob Conboy, Rockwell Transportation Services, Inc.

"Very informative. Great reference material to use when I get back to the office." -- John Conboy, Rockwell Transportation Services, Inc.

"The text will be a good reference. The seminar was much better than any other education program that I have taken." -- D. Martelli, Johnson Matthey

"Excellent tool. Very well done. Much more practical for my daily responsibilities than any other educational program that I have taken." -- Kris Mc Lennan, Dir., A. Duie Pyle, Inc.

"The text is very informative, with useful, pertinent information. It is a bit overwhelming to someone not too experienced in contract law, but will aid in making me more educated." -- Angela Dimmick, Rates/Contract Specialist, A. Duie Pyle Companies

Belmont, NC - April 22, 2005

"Insightful! Tons of information on carrier liability". -- Vickie Hussey, FAL Logistics

"The seminar and book are great tools. Comprehensive text to find the laws and information on most any topic of interest." -- Gwyneth Lodge, Weyerheuser.

"Excellent! More than I ever expected. Much more involved than other courses." -- Robert Buckles, Mgr., Cargill

"Excellent seminar. Every Shipping Mgr or Logistics Mgr. should attend as there are many myths that this seminar dispels. -- William "Bill" Dunlap, Logistics Mgr., Forbo Adhesives

"Very good educational tool with lots of "warnings" and critical areas to be aware of - with book references to get details." -- Ron Reighter

"Great instructor, good attitude and interesting." Highest quality program." -- Bryan Dalton, VP, 321 Equipment

"Everything I should have learned 10 years ago! Very interesting educational program - one of the most informative." -- Jessica Jordi, Import Mgr., Panalpina

"Excellent. Very thorough. Regulations governing these topics are seldom discussed. This seminar is important to all transportation professionals." -- Cheryl Smyre, Int'l. Sales Admin., Parkdale Mills

"Very informative. The textbook is an asset to any logistics organization. -- Julie Kickman, Globe Express Services

"Offers first-hand knowledge of operationally-savvy shippers and regulated industries. -- Lory Sheffield, Mac Dermid, Inc.

"Very helpful since it covered topics not covered in any other course. More in-depth and practical than other programs." -- Katerine Canderas, Student, Belmont Abbey College

"An excellent educational tool - helpful for all areas of product movement." -- Joseph Firmin, Student, Belmont Abbey College

"Very intensive. Great way to summarize the course on International Transportation. Great way to have questions answered after studying the book. -- Kinga Cichawa, Student, Belmont Abbey College

Miami, FL - Mar 30, 2005

"Wonderful program! Delightful, wise, knowledgeable speaker. Mr. Augello knows his stuff and his book is an easy to use resource on all areas of transportation law." -- Tomas A. Coz, Corporate Counsel, Total Quality Logistics, Inc.

"Excellent program. A must for all brokers!" -- Danny Mills, Pres., Dedicated Carriers, Inc.

"A wealth of knowledge and well worth the $500." -- Tamara Dimitcoff, V.P., Carrier Services of Tennessee, Inc.

"I liked it a lot. Good stories!" -- Scot Woolfenden, VP Finance & Administration, Landstar Logistics

"Bill was very knowledgeable of topics" -- Joe Hardsman, CFO, TQK

"I was extremely impressed with the content coverage. I am confident that I gained knowledge necessary to make informed decisions." -- Sue Spero, CEO, Carrier Services of Tenn., Inc.

"A very valuable resource in helping avoid the "icebergs" that would keep un-needed legal issues from happening." -- John E. Wagner, Jr., Pres. Wagner Industries, Inc.

"Good value - educational. Many takeaways for my organization." -- Greg Sebolt, EVP, General Freight Services, Inc.

San Diego, CA - Mar 20, 2005

"The text is a great tool, and this course gives the reader the insights on how to use the text effectively." -- Christopher E. Gerwst, Commercial Counsel, C.H. Robinson.

"Sobering! The materials are far more detailed and comprehensive than any other educational programs taken." -- Gregory Stachura, Pres., GSA International, LTD.

"Excellent seminar - incomparable- a genuine 'biblical' resource." -- Karen Bellis, Karen Bellis Associates.

"This is excellent information that shippers, carriers, brokers, all entities in transportation should be aware of." -- Dennis Rihn, Dir. Ops, Freight Management, Inc.

"Fantastic Seminar!! The text book is outstanding - everything I've been looking for - all in one book! By far, this has been the most educational program - I wish I had attended sooner." -- Rose Guzman, National Logistics Mgr., Bell Carter Foods

"I could use a weeks' worth of this education. If anything, it pointed out how much more there is to know." -- (unsigned)

Reactions of the Attendees at Mr. Augello's Fall 2004 Seminars:

St. Louis, MO - Fall 2004

ABOUT THE TEXT: "Transportation, Logistics and the Law"
"This is without a doubt the best text on transportation law available. Unlike most transportation resources, Transportation, Logistics and the Law is up to date, easy to read, and packed with practical answers to those difficult transportation law questions. The book has a subject index that helps you quickly locate the sections you need, and even has the critical statutes, regulations and court decisions appended for easy access. If you are involved in transportation, this book should be on your desk."
--Dennis Heil, Corporate Counsel, InTransit, Inc

ABOUT THE SEMINAR: "What Every Third Party Needs to Know About the Law"
"This seminar provides real, practical answers to every day questions facing all brokers and third party intermediaries. No matter how big or how small your company is, or who experienced in transportation you may be, this seminar will help you save money, avoid losses and service your customers better. I whole heartedly recommend the seminar to everyone and just wish there were more seminars available like this one."
--Dennis Heil, Corporate Counsel, InTransit, Inc

Houston, TX - October 20, 2004

"If everyone had known the depth of the content of this program, we would have needed a room twice this size. A well done seminar." -- Dennis Herrington, Superior Carriers

"Fantastic - wished it was more than one day. Great information for all levels of the transportation business." -- Connie Taylor, Sysco Foods Intermountain

"This has been very informative. It has opened many discussions for later meetings at work." -- Nicole Lemond, ConocoPhillips

"The seminar was super informative. No fluff, just information - I like that. Looks like most of the information I need to perform my job responsibilities on a daily basis is incorporated." -- Julie Sparks, Hewlett Packard

"Good basic primer in Transportation Law, just what I was looking for." -- Everett Billingslea Esq., Lynden Inc.

"Very impressed, very informative, lots of information given we weren't aware of." -- Sammie Smith, ATI Firth Sterling

"Good presentation, specific cases and rulings are great and tend to make more lasting impression." -- Phil Johnson, Sysco Corp

"Professional, comprehensive discussion; well covered, great publication." -- Bill Winkelmann, National Oilwell

"A world of Knowledge that is beneficial to Baker Hughes to limit the possibility of unnecessary and unexpected costs." -- Geralynn Robison, Baker Hughes Special Projects Division

"Very impressed with the speaker; very informative seminar." -- Katie Dagar, ConocoPhillips

"Most Excellent! Excellent documentation, presentation and dialogue." -- Ralph Lopez, Marathon Oil Company

"Solid presentation of details necessary to conduct everyday transportation contracting." -- Leonard Brusatori Esq., TETRA Technologies

"Overwhelming but very informative. Lots of useful and eye opening information." -- Debbie Colvin, ATI Firth Sterling

"Learned a lot of very valuable information to take with me." -- Robyn Jussila, Agrium

"I am impressed with all the material covered. Very informative seminar. Very important information." --Terry Lozano, Baker Oil Tools

"Good presentation, nice location, structured nicely so everyone could see the slides." -- Terry Wright, Sysco/Denver

"..very informative, information clearly conveyed, well organized speaker." -- Byron Williams, Vetco Gray Inc.

"Very good course, well structured and informative." -- Gerald Schulke, TETRA Technologies

"Informative -- a real eye opener concerning the complexity of legal issues in transportation." -- Lisa Price, Baugh Northeast Corp

"Very good." -- Charles Houser, GSE Lining Technology

"Information was very informative and presented with humor. Will be able to utilize each day for reference." -- Patty Zdunkawicz, ConocoPhillips

"Excellent seminar; I can't wait to study Mr. Augello's texd. I enjoyed his 'shipper friendly' viewpoint." -- David Humphreys, Esq., Watson & Jernigan

"Very informative, provided practical 'real world' problems and solutions." -- Ralph Castille, Universal Truckload Services

"Great material, really needed." -- Annette Sonnier, Hughes Christensen

"Very, very informative." -- John Meimsath, ACM Logistics

"Very informative, opened my eyes to many transportation issues." -- Marietta Villamizar, ConocoPhillips

"Very informative -- kept my attention. Addressed topics relating directly to my field. Great speaker--like the light jokes. I enjoyed this seminar more than most any I have attended." -- Lydia Barnett, ConocoPhillips

"Very informative, specific knowledge on important areas I need to know as a carrier. Excellent text to refer to for future reference." -- Glenn Hoffpauir, Venture Transport

"Excellent presentation, very informative." -- Renee Ahmed, Hydril Corp

"Very informative; the book will be very helpful for future reference." -- Wanda Parmer, Baker SPD

"Good information, would like to have had time to cover more." -- Cindy Whtecotton, Baker Hughes Corp

"Never knew so many laws applied to transportation." -- Minerva Haney, Hughes Christensen

"Very good program." -- Craig Rogers, Baker Oil Tools

Michigan - October 26 & 27th, 2004

Typical answers to the questions asked of attendees were:
1. "What is your overall reaction to this seminar and the text as an educational tool?"

"Very informative - very impressive - learned a lot -1st Class actually." -- Dave Gutow, Cooper Standard Automotive

"Excellent review of Carmack and tariffs." -- Rebecca Payne-Johnson, In-house Counsel, UTSI

"A '10' - The seminar and materials are excellent - just keep doing what you are doing." -- Ken Peterson, Corp. Attorney, Fed Ex Supply Chain Services, Inc.

"Very informative as I am not trained in a legal capacity but I am required to handle these problems in my job." -- Stephanie Consolo, Phizer, Inc.

"The open discussion was a plus." -- Mia Smith, Phizer Inc.

"Very informative - much more in depth and specific to transportation - The PowerPoint hard copy and the text will come in handy." -- Julie Norton, Kmart

"Excellent overview and explanation of how to use the text, which will serve as a very useful reference." -- Candace Holowicki, Masco Co.

"Great reference material." -- Jessica Gragg, Westmont Group, Inc.

2. "How does it compare to other seminars you have attended?"

"The best I have attended." -- Casey Van Nostrand, Cooper Standard Automotive

"Better than most" Met my expectations in every way." -- Dan Boyse, Steelcase

"Excellent - no comparison with others - To start with, I will be re-evaluating our tariffs and contracts and reviewing the statutes and regulations thoroughly." -- Steve Ensminger, ACP Manufacturing

"This seminar was presented by a technical expert!" -- David Griffiths, TRW Automotive

"Are there any others??" "A better overall discussion and ability to get specific questions answered . . . A+"
"The cases cited are valuable for specific resolution of problems."
"Contained more detail than others."
-- William Klotz, VP, Universal Traffic Service, Inc.

"Superior - Interesting and educational." -- Jeannette Chalut, Steelcase

"Much more detailed with the text." -- Mary Bergman, Steelcase

Chicago, IL - November 9, 2004

"Excellent" -- Elaine R. Pope, Corp. Counsel, Loew's, Inc.

"Bill's knowledge and ability to articulate in plain English made the seminar a positive event. Knowing where to find the answers is important." -- Chuck Schwenzer, CDSD Fleet Manager, Tropicana Products.

"Excellent. No one else is offering this type of class. I always learn something new at Mr. Augello's seminars." -- George Pasymowski, TTX Company

"Excellent. This is one of the best." -- Michael King, Sr. Legal Counsel, DHL Express

"Very, very good. Mr. Augello is great. He has so much information. I'm looking forward to reading this text." -- Linda Allen, The Libman Co.

"Fantastic. A '10'." -- Richard Cassar, One Stop Logistics

"Great, and wonderful information. I rate you a '10'." -- James M. Ray, Raytrans

"I learned a lot. This should be a one-week or three day seminar." -- Nicole Murray, United States Gypsum

"Impressed. The text will be a very valuable tool." -- Janice Doherty, U.S. Silica

"Very informative and to the point." -- Lorraine J. AmeriKanos, Da- Lite Screen, Inc.

Reactions of the Attendees at Mr.Augello's Fall 2003 Seminars:

"I found the session informative and enlightening. Mr. Augello knows his stuff!" -- Jeanette Conrad, Schneider Logistics, Inc.

"Thank you for being the only true source of transportation law in the country." -- Bill Bond, Freight Watch, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

"Thanks for the Certificate. Every little bit helps in keeping an edge in today's competitive job market." -- John O'Dell, Landstar Systems, Jacksonville, FL

"The seminar and text have been great tools." -- Jim Stevens, Starbucks Coffee Co., Seattle, WA

"This was one of the best seminars I have ever attended." -- Richard Welu, Baker Hughes Business Support Services, Houston, TX

"It was great to have you in Portland. Thank you for an interesting and informative seminar." -- Glenn Irwin, Pendelton Woolen Mills, Portland, OR

"The seminar was great." -- George Pasymowski, TTX Company, Chicago, IL

"You really have a product of growing concern and interest throughout our industry." -- Daniel Fox, Samsonite Corp., Denver, CO

"I can tell you that your course has paid for itself already." -- Steven R. Sweeney, Distribution Solutions, Plymouth, MA

"Once again, this class was extremely useful and has provided me with the resources and knowledge to be more efficient in my job. It has also saved the company money." -- Jonathan Ward, Cornerstone Systems, Memphis, TN.

Typical Comments Written About the Spring 2003 Seminars:

  • "Your discussion of real cases captured the audience and re-enforced our learning."
  • "Overwhelming for one day . . .Will use the text a lot."
  • "Words couldn’t explain how much this seminar exposed the good and the bad in transportation - very educational."
  • "Exceeded my expectations."
  • "Excellent"
  • "Good educational tool – practical information."
  • "Very positive. Both seminar and text conveyed a lot of great information."
  • "Good tool to manage risk" "Extremely informative" "Text is very well done."
  • "Highlights changes that we need to consider when writing our terms of sale."
  • "Excellent . . . Good resource for understanding legal and contractual transportation issues."