Transportation, Logistics and the Law - Second Edition

(Now includes 2015 Update)

It is the only text covering the laws, regulations and court decisions governing transportation and logistics in the current deregulated environment under one cover! It covers real-world experiences during the author’s 50 years of practicing transportation law, during which he counseled shippers and their trade associations, carriers, brokers and freight forwarders on a wide variety of problems, including:

Transportation, Logistics and the Law
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What does it cover?

  • Loss, damage and delay claims and suits
  • "Shippers" exposure to double payment
  • Negotiating contracts and rate agreements
  • "Off-bill discounts"
  • Classification rating proceedings
  • Drafting a corporate bill of lading
  • Carriers limitations of liability
  • Complying with DOT and STB regulations - Department of Transportation (DOT), Surface Transportation Board (STB)
  • Corporate procedures to prevent losses
  • Undercharge and overcharge claims
  • Latest text and material on statutes and regulations for transportation and logistics professionals.
  • The book covers hundreds of new court decisions since September 11, 2001 (the closing date for text material in the first edition).
  • New sections on Cargo Insurance, Broker Liability, Importing and Exporting.
  • The Homeland Security Department's jurisdiction over Transportation Security.
  • The government's reaction to the threat of new terrorists' attacks, and terrorists' use of transportation vehicles to deliver those attacks.
  • It contains an introduction to Hazardous Materials by Richard Custer, retired from Corning, Inc. and now a consultant on Hazardous Materials and Transportation.
  • An expanded section on Rail-road Regulation by Fritz R. Kahn, Esq., former General Counsel for the Interstate Commerce Commission.
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit From This New Edition?

  • Transportation and Logistics Professionals, staff, trainees and students
  • Attorneys and associates needing training in transportation law
  • Corporate Counsel and paralegals
  • Transportation Consultants
  • Compliance Officers
  • Risk Managers and Cargo Insurers
  • Carriers, Forwarders, Brokers and Third Party Logistics Providers
  • Ocean Forwarders and NVOCC's
  • Government agencies and departments
  • Trade organizations and publishers
  • Warehousemen, Storage Facilities, Distribution Centers and Stevedores
  • Congressional Committees desiring a comprehensive overview of the laws and regulations governing transportation and logistics today – particularly the problems that remain in the aftermath of deregulation.
  • Federal and State Regulatory Agencies desiring to compare the laws and regulations governing all four modes of carriage, intermodal traffic and international commerce.
  • Corporate Officers and Departments responsible for providing education and training of employees.
  • Federal and State Judges and their law clerks needing a basic guide to transportation laws.

What Do You Receive?

Transportation, Logistics and the Law
Buy now at $150

(Only CD version Available)

  • Technical, practical information and knowledge to help your company to become more cost-effective and competitive in the current business environment.
  • 266 pages of text on the laws and treaties governing the transportation of freight and cargo to, from and within the United States.
  • An explanation of the legal impact of tariffs, bills of lading, contracts, rate agreements, insurance policies, etc.
  • Over 600 pages of the most important Statutes and Regulations governing carriers and intermediaries – in an easy-to-read format that allows you to avoid hours of research.
  • A 7-page Glossary explaining many of the technical trade terms and phrases used in the fields of freight transportation and logistics.
  • Citations to over 1,000 court decisions on major transportation subjects.
  • Citations to Public Laws and International Treaties.
  • Over 100 pages of Appendices containing valuable information on tariffs, insurance, classifications, government organization, liability limitations, time limits, bills of lading (both shipper and carrier forms), INCOTERMS, etc.
  • A 44-page Topical Index that will save readers’ valuable time in finding the answers to everyday problems and questions

About the Publisher--Transportation Consumer Protection Council, Inc.

The Transportation Consumer Protection Council, Inc. [now known as the Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (T&LC)] is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the education of all parties to transportation arrangements. Its mission is to "serve the shipping public by providing high quality educational programs and materials, promoting and representing the interest of the entire shipping community in issues relating to the transportation of goods in today's deregulated environment."

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