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Transportation, Logistics and the Law - First Edition

“Transportation, Logistics and the Law, by William J. Augello, is without question the most comprehensive resource designed to protect transportation buyers in North America".

"Very Unique and extensive. An excellent tool for research and reference on the handling of loss and damage claims, National Motor Freight Classification matters, rate disputes, etc.”
- National Data & Information, Inc.'s Supply Chain Events Newsletter by Phil Obal.

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The book covers real-world experiences during the author's 50 years of practicing transportation law and focus on a wide variety of problems including:
  • Who is liable for freight charges – and for how much?
  • Who is liable for loss, damage and delay claims under the Carmack Amendment?
  • How shippers can lose their discounts.
  • Billing disputes – shippers’ and carriers’ recourse and remedies.
  • Overcharge and undercharge claims.
  • Contracting for transportation services.
  • Bills of lading – terms and conditions.
  • Off-bill discounting (truth-in-billing).
  • Leasing owner-operators (truth-in-leasing).
  • Government fines and penalties.
  • The freight classification system – antitrust concerns, other problems, and its future.
  • Cargo insurance – and the protection afforded by the BMC 32 and FF 32 Endorsements.

Transportation, Logistics and the Law
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  • How transportation professionals can assist their lawyers as paralegals.
  • Surety bonds for intermediaries.
  • Distinguishing the legal status of parties to transportation arrangements.
  • Fundamental rules of contract law and other business laws.
  • Sales terms and rules on rejecting, refusing and salvaging freight shipments.
  • Time limits and statutes of limitation.
  • Inequities remaining in the system.
  • Common carriers’ statutory duty to serve the public on reasonable request.
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