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Freight Claims in Plain English Fourth Edition

Transportation, Logistics and the Law
Freight Claims in Plain English*
-by George Carl Pezold and
       William J. Augello
$285 for everyone
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- by George Carl Pezold and William J. AugelloOrder Now
  Edited by Brent Wm. Primus, J.D.
  (Two Volume Set - 1297 pages**)
  Now in completely revised and updated edition!

Freight Claims in Plain English is now available again in this completely revised and updated Fourth Edition. The book is in two volumes: volume one contains the text and index and is 592 pages; volume two contains the appendices and is 705 pages.

Retail Price: $285

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This 4th Edition of "Freight Claims in Plain English", which is revision to the 1995 edition of the text, is also available in CD-ROM format. This new electronic format will facilitate use when traveling, when using home computers, laptops and notebooks, etc Click here to order your copy now!

As the legal issues become more technical and complex, there has been a continuing effort to retain the focus of the original book as a readable, useful reference for people in the transportation industry and a teaching aid for those who are looking for initiation into this relatively obscure area of the transport law. There is also an extensive discussion of actual court decisions and their underlying fact patterns that will give the readers useful information to help them understand and solve day-to-day freight claims problems.

The text has been enhanced to cover many new topics, court decisionsand recent developments affecting transportation in general and claims for loss and damage to cargo in particular. This includes development in international ocean and air transportation, intermodal, and cross-border trade with Canada and Mexico.

Major topics include:

  • Common Carrier Liability
  • Surface Carrier Liability
  • Contracts of Carriage and Bills of Lading
  • Beginning and Ending of Carrier Liability
  • Burdens of Proof
  • Carrier Defenses to Liability
  • Damages
  • Claims Procedures and Administration
  • Time Limits (Surface Modes)
  • Aids to Claim Recovery
  • Specific Claim Problems
  • Liability of Surface Freight Forwarders and Intermediaries
  • Warehouseman’s Liability
  • Water Carrier Liability
  • Air Carrier Liability
  • The Impact of Deregulation
  • Intermodal and Multimodal Liability
  • Canadian Annotations by Catherine A. Pawluch
  • Mexican Annotations by ArcieIzquierdo Jordan

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    The Canadian section was revised and updated by Catherine A. Pawluch, who has extensive background in the area of Canadian transportation and regulatory law. The Mexican section was completely revised by Arcie Izquierdo Jordan, based on her experience and knowledge of Mexican and cross-border law. These sections reflect the growing needs of our readers to know and understand the transportation laws and customs in these neighboring countries that have become such important trading partners.

    ** Also available in CD-ROM format.

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