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George Carl Pezold

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Catherine A. PawluchGeorge Carl Pezold is the senior member of the firm ofPezold, Smith, Hirschmann, P.C.), specializing in transportation law. He holds a J.D. from New York University School of Law and an M.E from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Pezold is Executive Director of the Transportation & Logistics Council; Executive Director/General Counsel of the Freight Users Association of New York; former General Counsel, Long Island Import Export Association. He is a member of Transportation Law Professionals, the Maritime Law Associations, the Association of Subrogation Professionals, the National Industrial Transportation League, and serves on the Board of the Traffic Club of New York.

Pezold has also served on numerous committees and advisory boards, including National Industrial Transportation League (Highway Committee), North American Committee on Surface Transportation (NAFTA), LIA Transportation Committee, Freight Services Improvement Conference, Freight Distribution Advisory Comittee on the Comprehensive Plan, LIRR Rail Freight Advisory Board, etc.