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Transportation, Logistics and the Law
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"I am amazed at the scope, the depth of the subjects covered, the number of citations and addenda and the quality of the information being presented. The book is a "tour de force" of a very complicated subject, presented by the author who also acknowledges input from a host of talented individuals who provided assistance in the preparation of this book. . . .

Do not be daunted by the size or even the weight of this book, nor feel that you have to read every page. What you do have is a valuable information resource that can be used to research and evaluate specific problems, find suggestions for solutions and importantly, provide solid options for actions."

-- Lee Cisneros, Publisher, LOGISTICS DIGEST, October 2004.

"In the early 1970's when a new attorney reported to the Interstate Commerce Commission's Office of Proceedings, they were presented with a copy of John Guandolo's Transportation Law Treatise (3rd Edition). At the time this tome represented the definitive statement on transportation law and economic regulation of surface transportation carriers. As deregulation occurred, starting with the 3R Act in 1976 and progressing through the ICC Termination Act of 1995, much of John Guandolo's excellent book became obsolete. No author has risen to fill that void, at least arguably not until now."

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"Transportation, Logistics and the Law, by William J. Augello, is without question the most comprehensive resource designed to protect transportation buyers in North America".

-- INBOUND LOGISTICS, January 2003.

"Today's fascination with web-based commerce, third-party logistics providers, electronic data interchange, global supply chain controls, and similar innovations in inventory management tends to overlook that, in the final analysis, it comes down to the entities which transport the freight, whether they are rail, motor, air, or ocean carriers. All of the modern wizardry can't overcome shipper discontent with the carriers' performance, whether it is the reasonableness of rates, reliability of service, or care in handling cargo. It was these matters that the transportation laws and regulations were intended to safeguard, and, although over the past two decades carriers have been largely deregulated, it behooves the shippers to know and understand what measures remain on the books for their protection. These are well articulated in "Transportation, Logistics and the Law," a book no one working in a shipper's traffic or transportation department should be without."

-- Fritz R. Kahn, Journal of the Transportation Research Forum, Published in Transportation Quarterly, Vol. 56, No. 3, Summer 2002 (155-157)
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"The Book" - Bill Augello wrote the book on transportation law. Actually, he's written more than a dozen books on transportation law. But it's the latest, 'Transportation, Logistics and the Law', that has caught my attention . . . .Augello says that he wrote his latest book 'to provide insight into the most important laws, rules, regulations, treaties and practices remaining in today's deregulated environment where shippers and carriers are left to manage their affairs with less intervention from the federal government. Augello is known as a shipper advocate but he takes pains to note that he is not anti-carrier. 'Attorneys are generally consulted only when a legal problem exists, not when the system is working smoothly'."

-- Clayton Boyce, Editor, Traffic World

"This is an important contribution to the transportation industry. Not only does it clarify some very unclear issues; it does so in a very readable fashion. I especially like the big print text and the organization which can be scanned easily for identification of needed answers. It is especially well indexed. I personally think this is the easiest to read transportation text since Marvin Fair and Earnest Williams' 1950 Economics of Transportation".

-- Dale Anderson, Administrator of CCPAC (Certified Claims Professional Accreditation Council, Inc.)

"Mr. Augello has once again wakened this reader, and perpetual student of cargo claims, through 277 pages of up-to-date rules connected to this industry. This book is not a rehash, but an historical perspective in which to look at today's deregulated environment.

Along with this text is an extensive Appendix which includes 19 of the most useful statutes, rules and charts that a well-round professional needs today. This is a continuation of Mr. Augello's belief that transportation and logistics people need to have everything they require to optimize their performance in one place, which he has accomplished with these 530 pages.

Budget this book for your library and purchase it today. If you buy only one book this year, this is the one to have."

-- Beverly Hilby, HCCP, Editor of Proclaim

"I am a small business owner in the transportation industry and can't begin to tell you how much this book has helped me! The sections on Federal Motor Carrier Regulations, Motor Carrier Liability for Loss, Damage and Delay, and Registration and Record Requirements have literally saved my business, and saved my clients a great deal of anxiety. We have a better and clearer understanding of what is required of us, what our needs are and how to meet them. I was previously employed by a transportation broker who, to my knowledge, was never registered, licensed, or bonded. So I had no previous experience with any of the legal requirements or responsibilities. Thanks again! (Name withheld, for obvious reasons).

"William J. Augello, Adjunct Professor at the Tucson campus, University of Arizona, has completed a massive 'must have' for any logistics professional involved in legalities of transportation and logistics. Augello's all-encompassing book is important in the current state of the global economy. Corporate personnel need a quick reference guide to the fundamental regulations and laws governing their business. 'Transportation, Logistics and the Law' was designed to fill that need. It addresses the problem areas remaining in the supply chain after deregulation of our transportation industries. It reveals where businesses are vulnerable to suffering losses and being sued, and offers suggestions on how costly disputes, litigation, fines and penalties can be avoided."

-- Joe Baker, Executive Director, National Cargo Security Council

" 'Transportation, Logistics and the Law' is an excellent tool for research and references on the handling of loss and damage claims, National Motor Freight Classification matters, rate disputes, contracting, cargo insurance, International Treaties on imports and exports and discussion on all types of Intermediaries. This publication provides a rare opportunity for transportation professionals to earn college credits as the Institute of Logistical Management has adopted this text as a basis for a transportation law course."

-- Bruce Hocum, Editor, "Transportation Newsletter", Rubenstein Logistics Services, Inc.

"Given that all shipments move under some sort of contract and that shippers' rights in relation to carriers and intermediaries are governed by laws, it's critical that transportation and logistics personnel understand the applicable laws and regulations. But recent corporate layoffs and other cutbacks have left many companies without ready access to that information in-house. A new book, 'Transportation, Logistics and the Law', can help fill that growing knowledge gap.

William J. Augello, a Logistics columnist, offers a succinct but thorough review of all U.S. laws that affect transportation and logistics activities. The 550- page book includes easy-to-research texts of the most important statutes and regulations governing carriers and intermediaries; citations for court decisions, public laws and international treaties that affect transportation; an explanation of the legal impact of tariffs, bills of lading, contracts, rate agreements and insurance policies; and numerous appendices containing important legal facts and reference materials. The book also provides practical advice on how to protect shippers' carriers' and intermediaries' rights and interests."

-- Toby B. Gooley, Senior Editor, Logistics Management & Distribution Report

"Bill Augello has done it again. His latest book, 'Transportation, Logistics and the Law' is an insightful compilation of the legal changes in transportation since deregulation in 1980. Augello has pulled, into one easy to read reference, the information that any one involved in transportation needs to know. This book is an essential desk reference."

-- Robert A. Voltmann, Executive Director & CEO, Transportation Intermediaries Association Order Transportation, Logistics and the Law today and order one for your Corporate Attorneys, too! "This latest offering may be one of Bill Augello's better ideas among a lot of good ones. Advance text copy shows the book provides a brief history of transportation regulation, tracing its evolution to the present. The book homes in on key issues (including gray areas) that we deal with every day. All carrier modes are addressed - motor, rail, air and maritime - as well as transportation intermediary relationships. There is particular emphasis on contracts and bills of lading (domestic, international, and intermodal) and liability issues. The book also includes the text of key laws and regulations and cites to key court decisions. It should become a valuable reference tool because the information it imparts is in plain English and it's all in one place. There is a lot to be said for this kind of convenience and simplicity."

-- Donna Behme, Executive Director, Freight Transportation Consultants Association, Inc.

Order Transportation, Logistics and the Law today
and order one for your Corporate Attorneys, too!
"This book helps you through every step of shipping and transportation -from trucking, railroads, airlines and ocean carriage in international commercial law. It's like having your own professional standing over your shoulder, reminding you about every detail of every step. The author has done a great job of discussing many legal pitfalls, and how to avoid them. I would highly recommend this book to any shipper or carrier who has to thread their way through today's changing regulatory environment."

-- Richard E. Gutting, Jr., President, National Fisheries Institute

"Bill Augello has just published a book that will save the readers and the users of the information, a lot of TIME and effort. This resource compresses the search for badly needed help into a single 550-page volume The search for answers, always takes much longer time to find than one originally plans . . .and the search rarely produces the definitive answers you needed. 'Transportation, Logistics and the Law' is in fact a publication that will surely result in the most productive use of your very valuable time . . . It's a rare opportunity to stay 'up-to-dated & knowledgeable' about a technical area of our supply chain execution process, and particularly the problem areas that persist in the distribution of goods!"

-- Lee Cisneros, Editor, Logistics Digest

"After reviewing this book, I believe it is the best Transportation and Logistics reference ever! It should be incorporated into our [corporate] training."

-- James A. Ziola, Supply Chain Logistics Consulting, Hewlett-Packard

"Transportation, Logistics and the Law", just what logistics managers need."

-- Joseph L. Mazel Editor, Institute of Management & Administration, Inc.'s Monthly Report on Managing Logistics

"Bill Augello has come out with the consummate book on transportation law and logistics that belongs on every transportation attorney's bookshelf. . .[he has] accomplished the feat of reducing practically all of the transportation issues any transportation attorney may ever face into one eminently readable source. . . . Just as his Freight Claims in Plain English book can be considered the book on loss and damage claims. . ., this latest effort is the book on transportation and logistics."

-- Mary Kay Reynolds, Attorney, for the Transportation Lawyers Associations' Journal
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"As a transportation and logistics professional it is reassuring to know that we now have a one volume detailed text on the numerous laws and regulations effecting the movement of international and domestic cargo. "Transportation, Logistics and the Law" is highly recommended for those in corporate legal and finance departments as a guide to the legal and regulatory challenges [they face]..."

-- Bruce McMillan, American Transportation Group, for the American Association of Exporters and Importers
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"In this cost-driven, multimodal environment, a need exists for a legal text that surveys the current laws governing all of the principle modes of freight transportation. William Augello's new book, Transportation, Logistics and the Law, fills that need, and will be highly valuable to both lawyers and non-lawyers with transportation responsibilities. . . The driving theme underlying this text is the need in today's deregulated transportation environment for parties --particularly shippers--to protect themselves through increased awareness of their rights and obligations."

-- Jack Osborn, Esq., Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, Washington, DC, for the Federal Bar Association's TransLaw Newsletter
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"Bill Augello, author of Freight Claims in Plain English, adds an up-to-date resource for transportation professionals in his new text on the legal aspects of freight transportation.

The subject matter is massive and, as evidenced by Saul Sorkin's landmark eight volume treatise on the same subject matter , very difficult to consolidate into a readable reference. While Sorkin's work is intended for legal professionals, this text serves a similar purpose for the lay audience. Consequently, this book is designed as a treatise or text.

The author starts with considerable detail on the historic role that regulation has played in freight shipment and then examines how federal preemption and economic deregulation has altered the traditional rights and responsibilities of shippers, receivers and carriers. For those of us who grew up in the business, the author assists in refocusing our mindsets onto the frontier of open market relationships.

In addition to a text exceeding 200 pages, Mr. Augello thoughtfully provides a comprehensive series of Appendices that include references to court cases, statutes, regulations and other pertinent materials.

Mr. Augello includes, as one might expect, an excellent summary of the realistic application of law in relation to claims arising from the loss of or damage to freight. His penchant for plain speaking makes a complex subject far more understandable than similar treatises.

Perhaps the most notable contribution to those of us engaged in multi-modal transportation is his section on the proliferation of intermediaries which focuses on the legal issues to be aware of when dealing with such non-carriers, acting as carriers. This section is a must read for anyone doing business with 3PLS. If it is flawed it is due only to its brevity. Much more needs to be written about this emerging type of transportation provider.

This text is a good addition to your library. Having said that, the way in which the manuscript was printed makes reading difficult and interrupts the continuity of the authors' thoughts. The side margins are too small and the tine spacing too large to make reading easy or pleasurable. The use of bold type for emphasis, though well intended, is also jarring and disruptive. Despite these flaws, this book is a contribution to the continuing education of our industry."

-- Greg Stefflre, Esq., for the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA)
Los Angeles, California, Chief Executive Officer of Imagine! Transport Group

Note: Greg Stefflre spent thirty years practicing transportation law for a national clientele and now manages his family group of trucking and warehousing companies. He was a founding member of IANA, a member of its board of directors for six years and presently serves on the Executive Committee of the UIIA.

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