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Freight Claims in Plain English Fourth Edition - Reviews

Freight Claims in Plain English—"THE BOOK" for Cargo Claims Professionals

"The Fourth Edition of Freight Claims in Plain English is a must have reference book for shippers, carriers, and third-party intermediary logistics services providers. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has offered for over 25 years its popular Transportation Claims Management and Prevention program for transportation professionals 2-4 times per year. UW has its own instructional binder addressing how to improve processes associated with claims for overages, shortages and damage as well as delay claims. The dream is that cargo claims would never occur. The reality is that claims do occur. When claims occur, it is critical to have policies and procedures in place to document claims both from business and legal perspectives. Root causes of claim occurrence must be identified with the goal of eliminating the 80% that can be prevented. When claims are filed, shippers and carriers must satisfy their burdens in adjudicating claims and making damaged parties "whole" as if the claim had never occurred. From a legal perspective, UW attendees are advised to build your case and support your position as if you were going to trial. UW has legal teaching materials and some supporting legal reference materials in its instructional binder. The UW binder cannot contain all legal references. This is where the" Bible" of cargo claims management comes to play. Program attendees are advised to have "Freight Claims in Plain English" in their company reference library to research their positions as to each party’s legal responsibilities. The Fourth Edition addresses domestic USA and OUSA transportation and logistics cargo claims when they occur in this global economy. Buy the Fourth Edition and become a Certified Claims Professional (CCP) through CCPAC to become more productive in resolving cargo claim situations and to become more customer friendly."

Edward J. Marien, Ph.D., professor emeritus, Transportation and Logistics Management, Executive Education, School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison,

"I have been using "Freight Claims in Plain English" since the First Edition. If a carrier or an insurance company declines a claim based on what I feel is a flimsy excuse, I photocopy and send them the provisions of Freight Claims in Plain English that pertain to the subject. Over the years this has been very successful in recovering the claim in full. I can tell you this book has been an excellent tool to settle claims for either loss or damage."

Bruce D. Hocum, President , Rubenstein Logistics Services, Inc.

"I have been a strong supporter of this text since it first came out in 1979 - using it as a teaching text as well as an invaluable reference text. The current volumes contain even more valuable information.
Any person involved in the movement of goods should have this text as the #1 reference book in the library. The resolution of one problem can more than recover the cost, which is more than reasonable considering the information contained.
In my perusal of the book, I felt that the updates on the Canadian and Mexican Annotations will clarify the questions concerning cross border traffic. The section on insurance in Mexico will be of major importance to many people.
I have earned more money with the various editions of Freight Claims in Plain English than all the books I used in college."

Robert G. Gleason, C.C.P. and H.C.C.P.
Owner, Freight Traffic Management