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Brent WM. Primus

Brent Wm. Primus began his legal career investigating auto accidents while still in high school. He received his Juris Doctorate in 1973 from the University of Minnesota Law School. Since then Brent has been with the Primus Law Office. Over the years he has represented clients in virtually all types of legal matters. In recent years he has worked primarily in the areas of corporate and business planning, with an emphasis on transportation issues.

Brent has represented shippers before the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Courts in such leading decisions as United Shipping v. General Mills, Wonderoast, Inc., and AVR, Inc., et al v. Churchill Truck Lines, Inc., et al.

Brent currently serves as the CEO for transportlawtexts, inc. He is the author of Motor Carrier Contracts Annotated and co-author of U.S. Domestic Terms of Sale and Incoterms 2010. He also was the Editor of Freight Claims in Plain English, 4th Edition.

Brent is an active member of the Transportation Lawyers Association and the Association of Transportation Law, Logistics and Policy. He has also served as President of the Upper Midwest Chapter of the Association of Transportation Law, Logistics and Policy. He has also lectured and presented seminars to local and national organizations on litigation and transportation topics.

Brent is currently the C.E.O. of Primus Law Office, P.A. He attended College at Lawrence University where he majored in philosophy. Upon graduation from Lawrence in 1968, Brent served two years with the American Peace Corps as an agricultural extension agent in rural India.

  • Received the Transportation Lawyer of the Year award presented by the Transportation Consumer Protection Council.

  • Currently serves as the General Counsel for the Freight Transportation Consultants Association.

  • Authored many articles and publications relating to transportation and litigation including Anatomy of a Lawsuit: How to Understand What Your Lawyer Is Talking About


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