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Transportation, Logistics and the Law Supplement Subscription Service

Subscription Service is designed to keep readers up-to-date on new court and Agency decisions, legislation, regulations and other important developments having an impact on all segments of the transportation and logistics community.

The second supplement to "Transportation, Logistics and the Law", Second Edition, by William J. Augello, Esq. has been released. The new Supplement No. 2 is the last supplement for 2005 subscribers. Click here to order Subscriptions for 2006.

Supplement No. 1 consists of 28 pages of changes, and Supplement No. 2 consists of 49 pages, with a Topical Index and List of Authorities cited. This new material is keyed to the text page and section number of the topic discussed in the Second Edition. It contains updates and additions to the Second Edition, the most significant of which include:

2005 Supplement Service--$75.00
Index to Supplement No. 1 (28 pages) June 2005
Index to Supplement No. 2 (46 pages) November 2005

2006 Supplement Service--$75.00

  • The Schramm decision that places all brokers, 3PL's and shippers at risk of being sued for negligent hiring of carriers"!
  • The Supreme Court's decision in Norfolk Southern v. Kirby, which changes the way importers must deal with ocean freight forwarders and NVOCCs
  • The Act of God defense and burdens of proof
  • New decisions on carriers' liability (and non-liability) for loss, damage and delay
  • Liability for injuries and death caused during loading and unloading
  • Shippers' alleged liability for derailments
  • The UP/SP "meltdown" delays
  • Parcel Express Carriers' tariff rules
  • Shippers' liability for freight charges paid to bankrupt freight bill payment firms
  • Liability for "dropped trailers"
  • Consequences for "spoliation of evidence"
  • Terms of Sale in the UCC/Incoterms
  • Depositing carriers' checks in "lock boxes"
  • Liability for multimodal traffic
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
  • And much more!
Transportation, Logistics and the Law
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"Transportation, Logistics and the Law" is the only textbook available that explains the current laws and regulations governing transportation and logistics to, from and within the U.S. after 25 years of deregulation: all four modes of carriage, plus intermodal, international and cross-border trucking under NAFTA.

It is available for $150.00 in CD Rom , with a Supplement Subscription Service offered for $75.00 per year. Previous purchasers of the Second Edition may purchase the CD Rom for only $75.00. The CD Rom may not be copied or changed, and is available only in the North American Continent.