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This website is pleased to serve as a source of additional educational texts and sources of education of value to members of the shipping and transportation community. To obtain these educational materials, simply complete the following form and submit it to the undersigned:

Transportation, Logistics and the Law
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A Practitioner's Guide to 101+ Actions to Improve Transportation and Logistics Performance

ISBN#: 0-9754243-0-0
Authors: Edward J. Marien, Ph.D. and Lee Cisneros
Price: $ 28.95
Copyright: 2004

This 130-page text appears to be a summation of a professional Distribution Executive's lifelong experience in managing transportation and logistics for major corporations. It is a "goldmine" for anyone laboring today in this field.
The authors go to great lengths to share their time-tested practices and procedures for improving the management of transportation costs. The text contains concrete examples, not untested theories, on how corporations can save money. It could readily serve as a Corporate Procedures Manual for busy transportation and logistics personnel.

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