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What Is Freight Damage Claims?

If you are into shipping goods on a regular basis, you have to understand that something might go wrong, sooner or later. A poor freighter might damage your merchandise, goods might fall off the truck, burglars might get away with whole pallets of expensive items or the boxes may arrive crushed... Read more >>

What Should You Know About Freight Claims Process?

Many freight companies and claimants make costly mistakes while handling and filing the transportation claims. There is a process in place governed by the law, which must be followed by both, the shipper and consignee. If the proper, step-by-step, process is not followed... Read more >>

Freight Claims Management System

Freight forwarding and trucking companies use advanced freight claims management system, in order to ensure quick and accurate processing of claims by their clients. These systems are generally web-based, and can be accessed from anywhere by multiple users... Read more >>